WORLD RECORD // 1970 Plymouth HEMI Superbird // BARRETT-JACKSON 2022 LAS VEGAS

SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! Rocking the 2022 Las Vegas Auction block, this stunning 1970 Plymouth HEMI Superbird set a new auction world record with its $1,650,000 sale. Click the link to watch all the auction action!

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  1. These are rare and cool but I’d never want to own one. Everyone just puts them on trailers and shows them off. No one seems to drive them anymore. And there’s no way on Gods green earth I’m ever spending over $100,000 to let a car just sit. Let alone $1.5 milly.

  2. The price of some of these cars is way out of wack. The rich have driven the price of some mopars out of reach for most people. These numbers are unrealistic and the reason many people stay away them. No car is always better than mopar.

  3. That’s a shitload of money for a pointy nosecone and a cartoonishly large rear wing on an old ass car. I’d much rather have a Ferrari 512 BB for a fraction of the price. Before anyone judges me, you should know this. I’d use the leftover money to rent hookers and buy lots of coke.

  4. I hope that car has all the matching numbers on the engine and transmission? , and also too I wonder if the guy had the car restored by none other than Mark Warman of graveyard cars ?.

  5. I remember seeing one of these for sale in Hemming's Motor News in the early 90's. Alleged to have 3 original miles. They wanted $76,000.00 for it. In fifth grade we used to sit in class drawing pictures of Superbirds, Daytonas, and Roadrunners in our notebooks.

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