What to REALLY Expect at MGM Grand in Las Vegas 🤔

In this Las Vegas vlog, we share our experience staying at MGM Grand in Las Vegas 2021on the Las Vegas Strip. Vegas baby!

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We’re Tanya and Dave. Mr. and Mrs. World Traveler. We not only share the same birthday..I know right!… We share the same passion for travel and encouraging others to do the same. We are travel wanderers on a path to bring our love of travel, food, adventure, and sometimes music together. A travel vlogger if you will, seeking out some of the coolest places this world has to offer, which will include many adventures to Las Vegas and Disney World. We love those places. Let’s not forget, sharing and enjoying some of the good food and more crazy adventures along the way. OF COURSE!! We put out an almost daily vlog and we do livestream quite often in studio and on location. So stick around and travel with us.
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  1. If you do plan on going to the lazy river, you should know they allow a limited amount of people into that area. Get there early because once they reach the maximum number of people, they won't let anyone else in unless someone leaves and if you leave, you will have to wait in a long line to get back in.

  2. I stayed there a few weeks ago. I thought the hotel was just okay, but the lazy river was so fun! I was underwhelmed by the restaurant’s that were actually open. It seemed like you had to either pay a lot to eat at the fancier places or eat at the food court which wasn’t even that cheap. I didn’t see the breakfast place you guys went to. That seems more my speed. However, despite all that I’m actually coming back to stay at the MGM Grand in September mainly because I want to enjoy the lazy river again! If not for the pool complex, I’d most likely stay somewhere else!

  3. I really like MGM Grand. Have stayed there many times. Great choices and comfortable just like you said. Staying at Bellagio in December. Will be first time there.

  4. I love that room you stayed in…it's one of our favorites. Like you said a little out dated but very spacious and the tub is super nice 🙂 Lucky you guys got into the pool!! We got there too late and couldn't get in 🙁 Gotta be an early bird to get in there lol

  5. I’m there now, it’s a dump!!! OMGG I regret this dive the Buccanal Buffet was trash, these people are paid liars!! I was in the Staywell Towers and made them change my room, it was just.5()?!&)4:6! But the pool is awesome!

  6. Another awesome video from Tanya and Dave! Tanya, your hair looks beautiful! I haven't stayed at the MGM Grand, but have unfortunately been through it a few times, going from the monorail to the strip. It took something like 45 minutes to do as I don't walk fast. Nice place, but crazy big. Thanks!

  7. This must be a old film taking you all did…because everyone inside the casino had mask 😷 on… I was just in Vegas last month and no one had mask on. Just an observation great video though.

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