Watch The Full NBC News/MSNBC Democratic Debate In Las Vegas | NBC News

Missed the Democrats’ heated debate in Las Vegas, Nevada? Watch the full replay here.

CORRECTION: The original edit of this video mistakenly omitted a portion of the debate when the candidates were asked a question about delegates and the party nomination at the end of the primary season. That portion has been restored.

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Watch The Full NBC News/MSNBC Democratic Debate In Las Vegas | NBC News



  1. Where’s Jesse Ventura when you need him,how many times have we all heard these sale type pitches how about we spend a week in the life of each one to see what really makes them tick.

  2. sad to see that looking back this was nothing more than a bunch of bs. probably will be the case for the next 4 years and the next 4 after that…

  3. These democrat candidates continue to talk about helping working class Americans and poor Americans and yet every time they get into a place where they can do that they just do more harm and help no one. I don’t understand how people feel like this is the party to choose because they make false promises. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different outcomes. How can you keep voting based on party and that party still not do what they say they’re going to do?

  4. Alternate Title: Season One Episode One of Everybody Hates Bloomberg (Note that this is not a statement of how I personally feel about any particular candidate. It is just mentioning how he was absolutely slammed by the others.)

  5. Before the Joe Biden officially announcing for his running for the presidency of the United State

    I was too worried in case of absents of Joe Biden in the Democratic presidency race . Because there weren't anyone in the democratic party good enough to overcoming the Donald Trump.

    And Donald Trump also was truly believing that he won't have any chance of winning against Joe Biden

    Thats why Donald Trump tried to digging out Joe Bidens son Ukraine.scandle.

    Thank God Joe Biden made a official announcement running for the presidency of the United State

    And just as we expected Joe Biden went all the way and winning the presidency
    Finally able to eliminate Donald Criminal Trump one of the worst and first ever Criminal and con artist president

    Thanks to Joe Biden winning the presidency
    United State now in position to heavily punishing criminal Donald Trump

  6. Both parties have already decided who will sit in the seats. The senate committee have already shook hands, they are now rigging the LCS voting machines and enough mail ins are ready. They have always done this, Trump was an accident because those manipulating the voting system was off guard in 2016 and before they realized it, it was too late. Think about it, before 2020, people would say “ahh, your vote doesn’t count” all my life I heard that, “presidents are selected not elected”. Well after 2016, I thought well, maybe this democracy is real, but, oh my god, how The Beast took back a short lived democracy. Practically no one died from the flu since COVID, 🚩 Chinese owned voting machines destroyed in Nashville by an explosion 🚩 and Biden’s Connectopn with the Chinese that was concealed by the elite Republicans and Democrats, all the while, Trump’s Russia collusion lies were being heard for impeachment, now we find that Biden signs away to Putin to go ahead with a Pipeline that will make Putin an oil Tyrant to its neighbors and us, while shutting down U.S. Canadian Pipelines for this so called EPA that by the way gasoline and diesel Vehicles’ carbon prints don’t even come close to the carbon that is emitted by industrial plants in the U.S. but since Clinton’s NAFTA these industries have moved to countries with slave labor and polluted based countries. Our so called democratic government trades with them, sold out our fore fathers innovation that Americans were proud of to mainly the Chinese.

  7. 01:20:20 Absolutely. I don't understand those philanthropists billionaires. They are want to have their own generous charity foundations, go on charity dinners, give away checks etc. but refuse to accept fair share tax programs and raise minimum wage

  8. Bloomberg train of thought: I should try to be the US president as a womanizing racist billionaire who does not release all his tax returns as a former Republican for the democrats while the Republicans have a womanizing racist billionaire who doesn't release all his tax returns as president right now who every virtually every Democrat hates and more than half the country hates and growing! Perfect timing Bloomberg, but thanks for almost entertaining us through humiliation, self harm and embarrassing moments as much as Trump did! Billionaires running for president are so amusing!

  9. I don’t understand why Joe Biden she doesn’t mind his business what is this guy he doesn’t go in a nursing home because we got the tire off this old fart why did you let the young people to take care of this because his brain is empty I don’t know what he’s doing he’s like a puppy

  10. Can the U.S. Democratic Communist Party open up one billion people in Asia to immigrate or smuggle? Don’t discriminate against Asia. I am envious of African Indians becoming U.S. leaders. I hope that the next president will be Asian Chinese Communist immigrants or Vietnamese Communist immigrants.

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