Venetian Las Vegas Reopening Tour

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  1. I hope I bump into you next Friday on Fremont or the strip! I’ll casually bump into you and whisper “ur 4K Las Vegas” so you don’t get exposed! Thanks for the videos I post them on our Vegas group chat to get everyone excited and ready for where they want to go and see!

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out brother! will show lots of support and love back in my future videos! Hope to run into you again and maybe do some work together.

  3. As far as outright beauty of a place the Venetian hotel has to be one of the top hotels in Vegas. I always loved walking through that place and you can never see the whole place in one trip. Thank you once again for taking us along and for your great camera work. Can't wait for more and can't wait for a future live streams

  4. Hey Ryan, we REALLY appreciate your work on these videos. We usually come to LV every January, but it'll likely be a few years before Mrs. will be comfortable coming back, so thanks for doing the walking & exploring for us!

  5. Great video as always Ryan if im not mistaken isn't this the place where Michael Jackson would often come shopping? Its my birthday today 42 today so exactly 2 years ago today I came to Vegas to mark my 40th and this was the place I also came to visit.

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