Traffic Jam inside Elon Musk’s Las Vegas Tunnel

A video has surfaced on social media showing Tesla vehicles stuck in a traffic jam inside Elon Musk’s Las Vegas tunnel, which was built to alleviate the city’s above-ground traffic problems.

The footage, taken from inside a Tesla vehicle, shows clogged traffic in the narrow underground single-lane tunnel. Built by the Boring Company, the ‘Loop’ tunnel runs from the Las Vegas Convention Center’s West Hall to the South Hall and back.
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  1. Cant believe I drank The Muskade… Not that I'm keeping score is it me a couple years behind already on self-driving cars…. what about the Cyber truck….Lets not forget …Solarpowered shingles… ohhh and I am definitely first in line to get Neuralink …. This guy is the best salesman of Beta products at Best… 😁

  2. Why do the goverment instead of using tax money on a safe effiecent and proven public transport like train tram bus etc instead use it to bankroll billionaire stupid project

  3. Whats worst is that because the tunnel is 1 way only if there is a trafic jam you cant go to the other lane meaning you are stuck in the trafic and you couldn even go out of your car to just walk this is more terryfieng considering musk tesla car is prone to explode so not only will you be trap in a one way lane tunnel you also will be trap in a one way lane tunnel that is on fire

    Im sorry if my english is shit its not my mother tongue

  4. And, emergency medical services wont be able to reach a person having a medical emergency while riding in one of these tunnels. And on long tunnel trips, no toilets. And, if a car catches fire, there is no way to put it out so ALL the cars catch fire. Doesn't meet highway safety standards. Grift & idiocy.

  5. I don’t know how often everyone commenting here usually rides public transport, but I do on the daily here in Sweden. And the system works great in busy hours you have a subway every 10 minutes and same for buses or trains, it’s usually stuffed but you get there relatively on time.. However, in other times of the day if you miss your train by a minute, you probably have to wait between 30-60 minutes for the next ride, and possibly in the freezing cold.. even some subway stations are above ground here in Stockholm.

    I feel like this is a taxi cab/subway hybrid, which if you ask me is better than either one alone especially if it’s prices like a subway.

    I understand that these boring company tunnels are a bit silly right now but it seems more like a proof of concept. I do like that potentially they can get better.. just having a ride available for you whenever you show up is better than waiting 30 minutes in the cold! So I don’t care if it’s Elon or someone else who makes this a reality but I do see the utility of it.. sad that some people just wanna hate and ridicule..

  6. I’m not kidding when I say that I have never seen something this stupid before. This level of idiocy blows my mind. It’s almost dystopian to think that piles of cash are being wasted on projects like this

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