1. I missed this when it was aired live because they were the first set and I didn’t know the schedule. So thanks for posting this! Loved their set w/ Above and beyond group therapy 450 in London. If it’s as good it should be lit!

  2. What is the song at 15.30 it's unreal!!! At the gym running while trying to Google lyrics! I love it that much!!! 😍 Talking to your friend Ben Nicky …..saying how I love your music

  3. Oh my god this is just aural heroin. Once again you put out nothing short of the best. Dropping Touch Me into the set is the perfect mix of nostalgia chills and modern house. I really hope I can make London GT weekender in Sept!

  4. Идет 17 минута, хороший сет, пока оч нравится. Если бы не война в Украине было бы еще лучше ! Можно было бы в колонках врубать по громче

  5. What a beautiful set. He deserved a later set time for the transcendent journey he just put us through. Hopefully he gets a prime time slot for EDC ‘23 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾. See you guys next year!!

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