This is the Best Casino to Gamble in all of Las Vegas

Which casino is the best to gamble in Las Vegas? Look no further than El Cortez.

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  1. El Cortez has been on my list for places to stay in Vegas. I started to overlook them in favor of the huge resorts but now I'm rethinking. I'll definitely include them on any trip to Vegas.

  2. I've stumbled on to your videos as I've been looking up reviews on hotels, and love your down til earth delivery and change of pace in review, for someone like myself who is around same age. Keep it up, I went to vegas for the first time for free in August , going again in few weeks, I'm considered a high roller so my stays and air fare are free, and I love the reviews of lesser known properties, keep it up

  3. El Cortez has the best blackjack rules in the United States, you won’t find a better game. I was just sad when they raised the minimum from $5 to $10 because I’m not very wealthy.

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  7. I LOVE the coin machines….the computer tickets just aren't the same. The weight of the bucket, playing a whole row of machines as you walk by, the sound of coins dropping in the metal tray,… that's what a casino should sound like. ahhhh, good times!

  8. I'm really enjoying your videos, as everyone says your filming and editing skills are top notch, you both have lovely personalities and you are honest and true, this one in particular I really enjoyed, the El is very old skool but genuine, that suite would be perfect to film something set in the 70s it seems stuck in a timewarp, it's cool how they preserve it like that. Cheers from an Irish Vegas fan.

  9. Hey Pompsie great job showcasing El Cortez Hotel & Casino, I know every time I have visited Las Vegas over the past 25 years I always made a stop at El Cortez, so now when I visit I will appreciate the Hotel and Casino so much more because of your vlog! Great job 👏. Joanna from Canada 🇨🇦 oh btw where was Greta when you were filming your room tour? Lol

  10. My favourite place to stay whenever I’m in Vegas. Great atmosphere, tremendous rooms, table games are great value and Siegel’s restaurant is outstanding. Can’t wait to get back there!

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