The Tran Clan That Terrorised Las Vegas Casinos | Cheating Vegas S1 EP1 | Wonder

In this opening episode of Cheating Vegas, we learn the classic tricks and scams that vegas cheaters pull to get away with millions. We learn how to spot a cheater and follow the story of basketball match-fixing and how it ruined one young man’s life.

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Cheating Vegas reveals a world we’ve heard of but have never really seen up close—behind the closed doors of Las Vegas casino security. Featuring hidden-camera videos, reenactments, and interviews with the top gaming investigators in the business, each episode will take viewers inside some of the most daring and elaborate scams in gaming history.

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  1. I call BS. So when you figure out how to get a mathematical advantage on the house it's called "cheating" but when the house takes all your money then they're geniuses and you're just a fool? Absurd.

  2. There has been NBA players to do the same damn thing they’ve been NBA referees that have been caught cheating football team baseball team there will always be cheating as long as there’s money to be made

  3. Did a casino really just call themselves the good guys? Cheats are often hired in casinos for stuff like false shuffles, slight of hand payouts, dealing from bottom ect. Not to mention the fact that they also ID you without permission even if you aren't suspected of a crime.

    This video had to have been payed for by a casino.

  4. Casinos break 💔s grab all 💰 destroy your health and you lose GF, Wife, Home, Family and end up nowhere in life. So who is to be responsible!

  5. It will catch up to you sooner or later when you live a life of crimes. Once it does, you lose not only everything but also your freedom. People forget they cannot win fighting the government with unlimited resources. Now, these people are marked for life after prison. So they are not smart after all.

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