Staying at the PARIS Hotel and Casino in LAS VEGAS in 2021

Paris Las Vegas Hotel Room Review + Beer Park Best Views of the Bellagio Fountains?

Jaycation and family stays at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas and checks out the entire resort! Take a tour in one of the 2 queen bed rooms, dine at Beer Park and enjoy views of the Bellagio Fountains and Las Vegas Eiffel Tower and also find out what else Paris Las Vegas has to offer from the pool to more dining!

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  1. This is what the casinos are doing now. I Won $180.81 at the Buffalo machine at the Mirage. Cashed out and put my ticket in Redemption machine. Got $180 cash. And 81 cents was given to me in another ticket. I ran it back through and got another ticket for 81 cents. Then I looked at the top of the Redemption machine is all kinds of tickets for small amounts. So another words now what they're doing is keeping your change. I thought maybe that was just the mirage. As it turns out the same thing happened at  Caesars. This is going to add up to Millions for the casinos. They must have all got together to think of this plan. Oh sure you can cash it in at cashier's cage. But who's going to bother for a few cents. I thought everyone would want to know.

  2. Great job, fellas. I gotta try the buffet. Eggs Benedict looks appetizing.😳😋 Got fam & friends coming in the upcoming weeks and months so I'll share this with them. God bless, brah !😎🌇

  3. This is really nice for the price actually only half of the cost for a crappy suburban motel, but offering great food and experience instead. Looks to be the best tourist room deal in all of the USA.

  4. Thanks Bro! Love the Paris. Great location, rooms, atmosphere, restaurants… I hope they re-open the buffet with improvements soon. It has the best theme and atmosphere of all the buffets.

  5. Hello! We were there a month ago but just passed by to go somewhere, I forgot to where 😏 But definitely much better than where we stayed at 😍 Next time going to Las Vegas will check this hotel. Salamat for sharing 💞

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