Should F1 Race in Las Vegas?

Formula 1 is set to race in Las Vegas (Finally) and i’m pretty excited about it. The recent news states that it will be a night race which includes the famous strip. I think a grand prix in Las Vegas would be an awesome spectacle and something i have wanted to see for years. I think the event hinges on the circuit, and could determine fan opinion on a race here which would make it 3 Formula 1 races in the USA. Enjoy.

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  1. Just because a country is large doesn't mean it should have more races. I understand trying to expand into the states for more money, this is a business. Americans have gone out of their way to support American products over anything else. Why should new American fans get priority over loyal fans for races? Just because an over dramatic show caught their eye? Canada is even larger than the states why are we not screaming for them to have another race? Let the Americans keep the snooze fest that is nascar. They've had decades to truly support f1, they picked nascar. Keep it that way.

  2. YES I want F1 to come to Las Vegas. It would be the first time in my life that a Grand Prix would be less than 1300 miles (2100 km) away; now it would be a minuscule 430 miles (700 km) away. I will definitely be in attendance when it happens.

  3. I think F1 needs to think about rotating weekends. There are tracks that we all want to see either back on the calendar or staying on the calendar like Imola or Mugello. A new race in the USA (as an American fan) is awesome news but it shouldn’t t be at the expense of great tracks that we already have or the potential for new tracks. A 20 race calendar with 5 of those weekends rotating brethren 10+ circuits each season would be amazing, would lower the running costs for organizers, would mix up racing once the new regs get figured out (aka there is one team/driver at the front all the time), and would let F1 truly be a world championship

  4. Vegas will likely replace the Russian GP and be the season finale (as the climate in Vegas, is basically a heat dome until december), Kyalami will probably replace Saudi Arabia due to the GPDA striking next year, I don't see India or Sepang returning any time soon, China likely will never come back due to the zero COVID policy being basically a fever dream, etc.

  5. Living in California, Vegas would be the closest to so many westcoast fans, usually 4-8 hours. I'm all for it if the track design is actually worthy. Vegas is probably the only place in the western/southwestern part of the US worthy of a F1 race tbh. Laguna Seca isnt suited for current F1 cars unfortunately(or else that'd be my #1). LA streets are even worse, and other major western area cities just don't have the allure. Waterfront San Diego would be very nice in theory, usually very clean and would have coastal gusts as a challenge, and there are elevated streets, but I can't imagine SD having enough width for F1 cars nowadays unfortunately. Who cares if Vegas is "trashy", of course it is, you have hookers and drugs everywhere but that's its thing, I still go and have a blast even if It's for family trips, Miami isnt so differen't from Vegas "trash" y'all… but its a spectacle and would cater to a huge area of the US.

    I think it should replace some of the desert tracks, i also don't agree with a 30 race calendar.

  6. Sonoma would be my pick for an actual track that is just shoehorned together at the last second like Saudi. It’s in Cali, its a full venue, and the track has a drag strip as apart of it and I think we all remember how Germany 2019 went.

  7. Personally, I want to see F1 return to Indianapolis. The Brickyard is one the most iconic tracks in the U.S.
    I know the 2005 GP was a mess but that was over 15 years ago. Plus the tires from then to now are extremely different.
    Give Indianapolis one more chance, if the racing isn't good, so be it.

  8. I’d love to see a kind of “revolving door” spot on the calendar, where we can get a one off race that changes every year, and if it ends up a good race then it might earn a normal spot on the calendar. Say Miami happens this year, then we get like Kyalami, Malaysia, Shanghai, Vegas, maybe even Vietnam. Just random tracks that have one year, and maybe the rotation restarts every 5 or 7 years or so

  9. It will be probably a bad track…but good atmosphere,like Miami looks…i just wish they go to one of the good american tracks Atlanta or Indianapolis

  10. I live in Los Angeles, and as much as it’d be nice to have an F1 race a car ride away, I wouldn’t want it. I’m sick of street tracks. Would much rather them build a dedicated track or use ones that can be upgraded. There’s also just too much going on in Las Vegas. I don’t see them closing off the strip for a race. It’s logistically too much, and would not be a money maker for the casinos etc. bc it would interfere with the strip. There’s a reason it was in a car-park before. If they did it, they’d need to develop a track just outside the city limits. Then it could be best of both worlds.

  11. Gotta remember that the US is a large country with a quite a lot of different communities spread across the 50 states. A race in Austin will see the paddock experience Texas. But Texas is quite different from the spring break (mid-March, one-week-long holiday/vacation for anyone outside of the US) paradise of Miami, Florida. Vegas will have much more of a different vibe. Returning to Indy or going to the Glen in New York, or going to Laguna Seca in Cali would each see different experiences for the paddock and visiting fans from other countries. Not many promising grade 1 circuits in the midwest except for the IndyCar Ohio tracks. IndyCar tracks would need upgrades but hosting races would be a great way to mix fanbases and gain some Indy fans and also allow for some F1 fans to dabble in a bit of IndyCar when there isn't much timing conflict (usually not, Monaco in the morning, 500 during lunch).

  12. Las Vegas as a spectacle is unlike anything that has ever existed. It is over the top in how over the top it is. I sometimes think about how if there is intelligent life on other planets, there's still a good chance that nothing like Las Vegas exists outside of Las Vegas. There's a fictional city like Vegas in the graphic novel "Delerius" by Philippe Druillet, that essentially covers an entire planet and is legendary throughout the universe — that's what got me wondering whether the actual LV is the most over-the-top permanent festival of debauchery in all of existence.

    Yes, there should be a race there, IMO. It's been about 15 years since I've been there and I'm not in big hurry — but I'd definitely go to see a GP.

  13. A race in Las Vegas sure would be interesting for the fanbase in the USA and sponsors worldwide, however, it is 99.9% sure that it would be at the cost of other GPs. Currently, Paul Ricard and Spa seem to be the most likely ones to be removed because of financial issues. Plus it remains to be seen whether the layout of Vegas will be worth it (looking at you, Tilke).

  14. As a American I think it's great there trying to create a good fan base here in the states but… I think there doing to much to fast. I feel they should wait and see how Miami goes.

  15. i've been to vegas a couple times and it would be cool to see a race there but i have no idea how they would set up the stands on the strip since the sidewalks are so narrow

  16. As much as I would love F1 to be in South Africa, Kyalami is not a grade 1 circuit. I don’t know about other circuits but it only has 1 major entrance. The traffic around the circuit is a nightmare on a normal day, let alone on a race day. It would be good to upgrade the infrastructure around but I don’t see it happening. The public transport system is inefficient and not safe. So there is a lot of work involved. Maybe if there are talks held between the bosses of F1 and Kyalami things might take shape.

  17. As someone from Indianapolis I think anymore than three races in the US would be too much. I think F-1 should also think about staying at heritage circuits like Silverstone, Spa, Monza, and Suzuka.

  18. Why cant we give a country like the US a proper circuit like COTA then a rotating street circuit schedule?

    A rotating schedule for some countries could make sense, might get to go back to Adelaide that way.

  19. I would much rather see a race in a big city like Chicago or new York, although that would require the city's to repave the roads so probably not, it's just las Vegas is not really suited for a street track because of it's layout

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