San Francisco 49ers vs Las Vegas Raiders 2021 NFL Preseason Week 3 NFL 2021Postgame Gathering

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Postgame Review Of The #49ers vs #Raiders Preseason 2021 Exhibition Game From Where #Ninersfans Sit
We’ll be going to the #RonboSports phones a few minutes after the game conclusion to get your observations on:
• Observations on the 1st String Unit
• The Trey Lance performance
• Spotlighting the standout rookies
• The overall #49ers standouts on offense & Defense

We’ll be going over all the intangibles that played a major part in the outcome of todays game vs #Raiders, and everything else on your mind regarding the #Niners final preseason game of the 2021 season!



  1. I think Hasty makes it as our RB3. But Mitchell should make it as RB4 because he should be our main kick off returner. Also Huffanga better be starting week 1!! He earned the job.

  2. I feel sorry for Raider fans cause giving Jon Gruden complete Dominion over this team for a decade is the worst decision made in sports history they're gonna have to impose another tax in sin city in order to buy out the remainder of his contract

  3. As much as I hate to say this jimmy g only played well because the RAIDERS were by far the worst defense he faced during the preseason. against the Detroits starters if they're as bad as the raiders we got it but if they are much better which would equal a mediocre defense we would be in trouble because the raiders defense sucks really really bad they're gonna be one of the worst again bottom 3 in the league for sure.

  4. Man how much you think we see 2 TE sets with both Kittle and Dwelly ?

    We have so many RBs man im afraid we will ✂️ someone I don't want to. We still have Jeff Wilson Jr. On IR. How many RBs you think we keep ?

    Mozart, Jeff Wilson Jr., Sermon, Mitchel, Gallman and Hasty. I dont want to lose any of the rookies but damn that is alot to choose from. I guess it's it's good problem to have.

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