1. I've tried that low push putt like Calvin does and I found that I had exactly the same problem that he suffers from a lot of the time. Low putts. The distance and strength is hard to gauge with that style of putt. He's much better than I am obviously, but he seems to have the problem of low putts a lot.

  2. Okay, no more thumbs popping up on screen form the camera guys. This is professional disc golf not a jomez practice round video. I love Philo's info and knowledge. Nothing against the other commentator but he doesn't seem professional enough for disc golf to be taken seriously. Calling the guy Jackie Mcbeth was unprofessional. All the lame dad jokes, and laughter following them is annoying at best. DGN needs to hire a full time professional announcer that has real golf experience but enough DG knowledge to slide right in and take the reins. Ian is fine doing post produced coverage but if DG is to be taken seriously the need an announcer going forward that everyone will know and respect.

  3. Great coverage but why are you completely ignoring Gannon Buhr? Seriously he’s sixteen and at the top of the card and there’s hardly anything besides some jokes about him not being old enough to drink.

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