1. 38 degrees?
    Come to Colorado where it's been below zero with snow for a week. Makes me jealous I cant play. Anyway welcome back pros looking forward to a great season. Colorado rooting for you Eagle.
    And am looking for great things from Calvin. Love seeing all the women coming out this year. Good luck and much love to all the players.

  2. good that first round was free to watch live! too bad the whole pro side of disc golf is to show this sport to new people getting into it and you cant even do that unless you pay 12-13$ a month. shame

  3. No critical analyses gets boring fast. Every throw is good even tho it clearly was a shank and such. Even 10 foot putts are "good putts". Wtf? Those are must makes.

    I think the flow of this tourney is working great. Good they are following several cards. Good job DGN.

    Elaine King sounds like she has no clue what is going on. She is like that one judge in talent shows that always gives the highest amount of stars.

    Bonus comment: Evelina needs to practice putting. It is keeping her from being great.

  4. The chat was already insensitive during the live so can we finally stop referring to Natalie as a "biological male" or a "he/him". That's just a revelation of your motive. Deliberately using the wrong terminology implies your true stance. So yes, we get it, you're threatened by transwomen competing in the FPO, but you're also not qualified to "insure the security" of the division. That's up to the FPO players themselves to speak up if they feel like there's a problem brewing. And no, they're not going to get cancelled for voicing their concerns in an adequate manner that's not designed to create disharmony.

    It's not transphobic to include transwomen but not at the expense of the rest of the FPO, and I'm sure that's something soon-to-be discussed by PDGA. We acknowledge the science and the statistics, but we should also acknowledge how needlessly cruel it is to call transwomen by their sex instead of gender. Talk about this in a kind manner. Nobody attack anyone cause that's what makes us resistent.

  5. Love the disc golf… not a fan of the commentary.. just my opinion. I play with my teenage boys and they were def turned off by commentators. Awesome to see more Euro players this year!

  6. Lets go Natalie Ryan! Respect. These ladies are all SO good. Better than I will ever be. I've played this course so I will always love watching this tournament.

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