Robbie Maddison’s New Year’s Eve jump in Las Vegas (2008) | New Year No Limits | ESPN Archive

Rhys Millen kicks off the 2008 New Year No Limits show by attempting the first ever backflip in a truck. Freestyle motocross rider Robbie Maddison follows up Millen’s stunt by successfully launching onto a ten-story replica of the Arc de Triomphe in Las Vegas before then dropping 60 feet into a landing ramp in a death-defying stunt.



  1. This is simple physics. Take your phone or any rectangular symmetrical object like a skateboard and try to flip it length wise in the air. Its almost impossible to get it right. If there's any variation in the flip the air pushes asymmetrical on the object and makes it do a corkscrew aswell. This is why you cant do a no foot impossible on a skateboard. You cant backflip an object wider than it is tall.

  2. All is Possible. I needed to see this video. My super Motivation I Love the Courage this man has shown to make the Impossible the Possible He held on to the End! Victory!✌️

  3. Tell him that I tell them that these pilots are the most macho in the world, I am a man and I love women I love them and I sing and interpret my songs to women, but watching the video excitedly, tremendous feats and I do not know why They put some women there next to each other depending on whether the wives or sisters or the pilots don't like women, I don't know what they will be, but they hug everyone instead of being the wife the first time they hug and they waiting there like hugging me, let me hug you And these riders do not even wink and they throw themselves hugging the males hahaha, well it's a council if someone can tell them that I was the one who told them to value the woman because she is the other engine to start those motorcycles said in charly denas

  4. digale que yo les digo que eso pilotos son de lo mas machistas del hp mundo, soy hombre y me encantan las mujeres las amo y le canto e interpreto mis canciones a las mujeres, pero viendo emocionado el vídeo tremendas hazañas y no se para que le ponen unas mujeres ahí al lado según son las esposas o hermanas o los pilotos no les gusta las mujeres, no se que serán, pero abrazan a todos en ves de ser la esposa a la primera que abrazan y ellas esperando ahí como que abrázame déjame abrazarte y estos pilotos ni un guiño de ojo le hacen y se lanzan abrazar a los machos jajaj, bueno es un concejo si alguien les puede decir que yo fui el que se los dijo valoren a la mujer porque ella es el otro motor para arrancar esas motos, he dicho att charly denas

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