Prince – Whole Lotta Love (Live At The Aladdin, Las Vegas, 12/15/2002)

“Whole Lotta Love” by Prince from Live At The Aladdin, Las Vegas, 12/15/2002
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Wanna Whole Lotta Love
Wanna Whole Lotta Love
Wanna Whole Lotta Love
Wanna Whole Lotta Love

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  1. Still waiting for that undiscovered recording of Prince doing All Along the Watch Tower. I know its there in his closet, just waiting for it to get released.

  2. This little genius could do it all. You want soul, no problem, you want funk, heโ€™ll lay it down, you want rock heโ€™s got you covered. Sometimes this is happening all in the same song!

  3. The fact that he's self taught is beyond the believable. In an interview he encouraged people to pick up a guitar and stick with it because it's a hard instrument to learn and needs constant practice. But he makes it do whatever the hell he wants. Playing notes and chords no one has ever heard before.

  4. World of zip I agree wholeheartedly. He was severely underrated as a badass guitarist. I knew a bmx freestyler and skaters and members of the Metallica and Megadeth fans, vans wearers, and I walked into a teenaged guy I was friends with and saw a Prince poster hanging there on his bedroom wall. That man was not a BIT wrong when I asked him what's he doing on your wall ( wasn't his usual genre) and without blinking he told me, that man has some serious talent and is one helluva mean guitarist and he makes that $#;+ look easy! That's the reason he's on my wall. You need to seriously look into his music….he can sing he can dance but he kicks serious ass with his guitars. And they're customized too. I did….I've been a Prince fan since! Jerry Cantrell is one of my favorite people, another extremely talented guitarist and so is Prince. They make it look so EASY! Much respect for both of them for also having original songs. Rest in eternal peace and love and Light, Prince. Thanks for the years! I was 14. I'm now 51!

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