PMDG 737-600 Preview | Las Vegas to Area51 | Real 737 Pilot

Let’s have a look at PMDGs new 737-600 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
The -600 is the smallest of the 737NG family and is the successor to the 737-500.
The -600 is the first to feature PMDGs new LNAV and VNAV modules which I’ll show you in action!

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Tools and addons used in this video:
PMDG 737-600
FlyTampa Las Vegas:
OBS Studio

My system specs:
Intel i9-9900k@5,2GHz
Windows 10 Pro

My hardware:
Thrustmaster Boeing Yoke and Throttle
Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog
Thrustmaster Pendular Pedals



  1. Love the 737-600, I will definitely add it . On another note, I see Janet Airways B-737-600 flying out from KLAS every morning on my way to work . Thank you for sharing your Professional Pilot expertise, each video is amazing comprehensive training, it makes MSFS 2020 be much more immersive and enjoyable.

  2. So
    I assume the 600 is a lower fidelity compared to the 700?
    I am a bit confused as I love the 600, is my favourite one.. I, I call it the baby jet.. hah.
    I am wondering if is as good as the 700 when it comes to the work they put in it to make it a study level aircraft..

  3. I read somewhere that YAW DAMPER should be off before takeoff and landing procedure so I'm confused maybe not in this aircraft but in other smaller?

  4. Thank You for showcasing the PMDG 736… Whilst i am in receipt of the 737 700, (With the new update at this time of commenting) The new LNAV/VNAV system is now the same as the 600 varient. So, for myself, I will keep waiting for the coveted 800 series. Great Video there, and I never saw any Darkstar intercepting you, although i did in my own mind LOL. ahh well.. 😀

  5. Great video as always. I wasn't counting on buying the -600, since I own the -700 and mostly fly the cargo variant, but after seeing this video I just bought it 😉 Thank you for all the useful tips, it's great seeing how quickly you move through the checklists and little details as part of your routine while you fly, yet can explain what you're doing and why clearly and easily.

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