Pigs Are Eating Las Vegas' Casino Leftovers and It's Saving the Planet

Las Vegas is known to be the city of excess, but after the party, someone has to clean up. And, in Vegas, that means figuring out how to deal with an overwhelming abundance of food waste.

MGM Resorts International, which owns most of the Vegas strip, has been trying to rebrand itself as sustainable. Their efforts seem to be working: in 2018, the U.S. EPA recognized their food recovery efforts by awarding them with a Food Recovery Challenge Award.

But can Vegas ever truly be sustainable? VICE News went to Sin City to find out.

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  1. One consolation is that the pig doesn't live as long as a human so it's not going to attain all the awful dietary diseases of high blood pressure high cholesterol and sugar diabetes and and too much dairy you know gives you colds so you know I think it's probably what Americans , if they want to eat all that high cholesterol food and why not put it in the meat ,country usually likes to feed country ham pigs with fruit and grains to give them an excellent texture of for ham I guess you have to find out if your ham is from Las Vegas or country style not to say that the food waste is going to a I guess an okay idea. Be interesting to see what tastes better, !

  2. Pigs were created to eat the trash of this world ! Instead of eating them like the devil intended for man kind to do ! Its forbidden to eat in all religions! They can digest a nuclear bomb for goodness sake ! But satan run the world so any corruption goes! If you let all the pigs go to the dumps literally u wouldnt have nth left but earth ! Insteada burning it and causing global warming and contaminating our world !

  3. When I was in the Marines, station in 29 Palms, our chow hall had a garbage can for trash and a can for food scraps. The scraps went sent to a hog farm. And you did not want to be the one caught throwing paper into the food bin.

  4. as a restaurant manager, I make sure that my wait staff disposes of left over foods from customers' plates are put in a special bin, for our local pig farmer to collect daily ….. if ALL restaurants would do same, it would be a much better World ! BUT !?!?

  5. The EPA is a rogue agency, as are all the "federal" unconstitutional agencies, and "under Donald Trump" they continued to do what they always do: persecute anyone they want, from a farmer who dug a pond on his property to a home owner who had oil dripped on his driveway.

  6. What is the address? (We’re going to Las Vegas right now as a group from UMBC and we are currently at the airport, we leave at 8:15 am so I’m trying to make our group eat here). We would love to support this business and get a chance to eat there!

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