My WORST Buffet Experience In Las Vegas (Not Clickbait)

Reviewed the Bellagio Buffet, on the Las Vegas strip for their all you can eat brunch, let’s just say it wasn’t the Best Buffet In Las Vegas that I have tried…



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  1. The Bellagio buffet has always been disappointing, even 10 years ago. The prime rib doesn’t seem to be cooked low and slow. It always seems to be under seasoned and tough/dry. For whatever reason, quality control there and the recipes/techniques they use are really hit or miss. Definitely not worth the price unless you get it comped. But for my taste, I would rather pay elsewhere for a quality buffet like Caesar’s, Wicked Spoon at Cosmopolitan, or even the buffet at Red Rock, which is good quality at a crazy reasonable price.

  2. I watched Derek & Catherine this morning (29 Aug 21) and you definitely had the better experience. The noise level was a few decibels lower, the stations were at least full and tidy, and you paid about $10 bucks less than they did. Like you say, it's all about the carving station….. and this one sucks. Scratch Bellagio off the list.

  3. I think a lot of the top buffets are hit or miss right now. It seems like they step it up on the weekends but during the week they can definitely disappoint. Maybe it has to do with short staffing and supply.

  4. The flank steak was best with the chimichurri sauce, have had better prime rib before and the other meats were so so. We liked the stuffing more than any other dishes. The desserts were horrible. The whole buffet was underwhelming which surprised us 😔

  5. I've eaten there before. I will say it's just an OK place. Given that the Bellagio is 1 of the best hotels in Vegas it definitely doesn't stand up to the Wynn or Caesars or even Aria buffet or the Cosmo (for more unique dishes).

  6. They might've had the best buffet in 1995 when Steve Wynn still ran the place. MGM has run it into the ground but thinks it can keep the price high because of it's old reputation, shame.

  7. The worst is Silver Sevens Casino. My buddy wanted to go since he is a fan of all can eat buffets. We both are in that awkward silence and He says, "Well at least the Coke is good".
    We both laughed our asses off because it was so horrible. We never went back.

  8. Bellagio Buffet used to be my fav buffet, before Bacchanal opened. They had beef tenderloin, pesto mashed potatoes and crab legs for under $20 at breakfast while all the other buffets were already over $20 for basic breakfast, pre-Covid, pre-Bacchanal. It was high quality too. Now at $41.99 expect it to remain high quality but it looks like they put out the day before left overs, which is why it is over salted and/or dry. The quality is not there anymore. Really disappointing.
    Thanks for the review Dan.

  9. Dan, good stuff. Appreciate how you walked down the line to show and name each main entree on camera. Super helps us decide if the buffet has enough of what we like to want to eventually go or not. Thank you

  10. as the vegas buffets started open from the 2020 shutdown, i'd say the quality of most, if not all, is overall inferior to previous yrs; even the better or higher-rated Bacchanal buffet where P2 & I decided to try this past wknd to prove to ourselves, after viewing many others' reviews despite more neg than pos since its reopening, unfortunately left us disappointed; went on Sun around 5 pm but most food is salty; e.g. lobster bisque was runny & not creamy, the cooked crab legs were barely warm & overall seafood varieties were mediocre; overall meat section was ok.. even though prime rib was decent, other meat was a bit dry & salty; the asian section before the shutdown was my favorite, but now lack the flavor, e.g, char siu look bland & taste the same, not charred, glossy with a sweet & savory taste as it used to be, the roast duck & pork don't have the crispy skin & flavorful taste as they used to; the Vietnamese pho's bowl is 1/3 of the old size & lack the fragrance; any rate, i was glad that the portion is only 1/3 so didn't have to waste it. Finally, the desserts section, although still look massive & impressive, is not as great as it used to be, now missing my favorite coconut sorbet & some ice cream is a bit too sweet; while the crème brulee is still excellent, others are as not good as they used to….

    Any rate, for a $75/per is overpriced; glad that I got the meal comped by Caesar's for P2 & I, and we waited only 5 min in a separate line for a table

  11. Dan, only you and Mike Chen would make that meat mountain your #1 breakfast plate 🙂 But bummer on the quality! Probably describing Chilean Sea Bass as "Interesting" might not be a good thing… So sorry for you, Dan, but thanks for telling all of us!!

  12. I have never seen you make so many facial impressions and we all know what interesting means when it comes to food LOL ! At that price they should replace all of the cooks or pay you to eat there .Heads -up , do not go to South Point Buffet , it's terrible.

  13. Everything is rushed right now, and less staff too. They are working with what they have. Thank you for letting us know and keep up the awesome work. 😊🌺🍀

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