My first ride in the Boring Tunnel Loop in Las Vegas

The Boring Company has opened it’s first fully-operational Loop under the Las Vegas Convention Center. I jumped in a Tesla to take a spin.

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  1. if you do the math, if people were to just walk through the tunnel, there were would be higher traffic per hour through the loop.

    good job elon, you made a beautiful pedestrian walkway, 100ft below the ground.

  2. It’s good, but when you can pull your self driving vehicle in from the road for expedited access.
    See and then it generates a problem, but perhaps not….
    It’s a corporate made metro… for shuttle cars.
    A video bolstered high speed transport 2 years ago, so, is that another two years based on the exponential growth of electronics? Or…? Hahaha

  3. Aha, i can see a underground taxi stand with slow taxis and a tunnel without emergency stuff like fire exits.

    Maybe you should enlarge the cars, put them on rails. So you can carry more people and drive much faster and safer.

  4. Can someone please explain to me how it's going to solve the traffic problem like I am not smart like Elon so for me, it's just like adding one more lane but underground

  5. “bringing emission-free subterranean transport to the masses” … she did not just say that, did she? she knows about trains, right? underground trains? are capitalists okay?

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