More and more 'junk fees' appearing in Las Vegas tourist industry

The Feds call them junk fees: Hidden or unexpected back-end fees that ding consumers for things like concert tickets, dining, hotels, credit cards, airlines and more. 13 Investigates exposes who’s charging you extra money when you may not even realize it, and what you can do to fight back.



  1. Save the hassle. Keep your hard earned money instead of making satanist celebs' bank accounts richer. On vacations, I visit historical sites, natural history & beauty. No concert tickets or resorts for me. Especially Vegas. I have no use for Vegas, or any large city.

  2. My Brother and I went to Chicago last September to a restaurant for breakfast and a $20.00 Covid fee was added to the bill. Apparently it's getting popular in the city but tourists aren't aware of it and no posting of it anywhere to be seen.

  3. My bank litterly shuffles dates around and makes purchases disappear for 24 hours to try and get people to overdraft. When they add it all back in later. It's honestly preditory all out on the open I have yet to see any laws to protect consumers from banks yet. The fed went after the mafia for a 6 percent interest on money loaned. Look at what banks do now. Just like the housing market it's all backwards. When you borrow 100k and owe 200k at the end of a loan is kind of ridiculous but yet accepted. Or when you pay a bill and have to pay a fee for doing all the work yourself to pay said bill lmao

  4. Las Vegas hotels are trying to squeeze you for every penny. They no longer put coffee in your room, and make you walk to Startbucks downstairs to pay $9 for a cup… I love Vegas, but no longer going to stay on the Strip. Besides, Hotels like Embassy Suites offer free breakfast. Many of the restaurants are over rated and over priced. Las Vegas has so many amazing places to eat off strip…

  5. Hawaii has no gambling so a lot of islanders, like my wife and I, use to go to Vegas at least 4 to 5 times a year. But now it's my understanding that even after covid, people from Hawaii are fed up with the extra fees and planning only one or two trips a year. It all started with the resort fees that slid into the room charge then the on the strip parking fee which the casinos claim is because they are losing money to the people that are using their parking lots when attending T-Mobile arena and the Allegiant stadium games I call BS the only time the casinos ever lose money is when the machines and tables are not operating.

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