Modern Marvels: How Las Vegas Became a City Like No Other (S2, E3) | Full Episode | History

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Rising from a stretch of desert with nothing but remoteness to recommend it, Las Vegas became a glittering wonderland for dreamers. We’ll take a look at the forces that made Las Vegas a place unlike any on earth, in Season 2, Episode 3, “Las Vegas.” #ModernMarvels
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History favorite Modern Marvels is back…with a fresh take and a new attitude. This time Modern Marvels goes straight for the taste buds in an all-compassing celebration and exploration of food. Celebrated food expert Adam Richman crisscrosses the country taking a deep dive into how food products are made, detailing both the process of the craft and the inspiration behind the ideas. With exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the most well-known and beloved global industry titans and the most promising up-and-coming small-town entrepreneurs, Richman will immerse us in every step of the process. He’ll follow the journey of our nation’s favorite and most nostalgic foods; from raw chocolate ingredients grown on artisanal Hawaiian cacao farms, to the fantastically gargantuan factories making billions of ice cream cones per year, to your favorite snack brands and fast food restaurants. This tasty trek will paint a larger story of America and the world, taking viewers on a ride into the past, present, and future—one bite at a time.

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  1. 5 cent beer at Margaritaville Casino, at The Flamingo everyday 5-6 pm(if I remember correctly). That is close to 1950's Vegas prices there is today. Beer pong tables, beers are Miller Lite I believe.

  2. My Grandparents were at the Flamingo the 1st week it open in 1946. I have been going to Vegas since the 1970’s and every time I go there it’s always changing. I got married in Vegas . My Wife and I are going this October for our 25th anniversary. We are going to renewal our vows. Where has the time went ?

  3. Amazing place to grow up in. There was NEVER nothing to do. And if the singer or band you loved came to Vegas, the shows were incredible, and the concert venues were small. You had a much closer seat to watch your artist perform than going to a stadium that sat 100,000 people. There were tons of movie theaters, restaurants, arcades, discos, water parks, bowling alleys, and of course swimming pools and jacuzzies. Good times, good times.

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