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10 Minutes. 12 Gunfire Bursts. 30 Videos.

The shots began at 10:05pm. Twelve bursts of gunfire later, the police broke down Stephen Paddock’s door at the Mandalay Bay. The Times mapped 30 videos to draw perhaps the most complete picture to date of what happened.

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Mapping the Las Vegas Massacre



  1. rip to everybody who died in that terrorist act. my dad had a friend in that crowd and he was fine, but to those who weren't, least we know the killer failed if he didn't turn us into a divided society. a message to ISIS, you deserve what you do and the death you cause. rip to the victims, not the terrorist and disrespect for terrorist.

  2. I can't believe someone would do this, especially in the 21st century. US gun control laws should be reviewed and toughened, to prevent such future events. My heart goes out to any victims, and of course, their families. I know this was 4 years ago now but the impacts it's made on people at this concert are far from gone. I have a place in my heart for the 59 who sadly lost their lives. ❤️❤️

  3. The guy at 3:57 casually taking a sip of his drink makes me think a lot of the people didn’t believe it was gunfire directed at them until it was too late.

  4. Uma AR 15 dessa na minha mão tinha matado bem mais, cara tão burro que se mato, eu tinha esperado os policiais invadir o hotel e tinha trocado bala com ele ate morre. todo jeito tava morto mesmo kkkkkk Imagina que delicia mete bala e só ver gente caindo, Tipo a sensação que tenho em GTA , mas na vida real. kKK do jeito que minha vida ta uma merda to doido pra levar monte pro inferno junto comigo.

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  6. I just have to say, this quick arrival of the police in the US is phenomenal. It isn’t even a minute gone ans they are there. Where I live this would never be possible. Respect to everyone who put‘s their life‘s at risk to safe other.

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