LAS VEGAS VLOG | Nicole Laeno

VEGAS BABY!!! went for mama laeno’s birthday 💖


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tik tok: @nicolelaeno
spotify: nicole laeno


SPENCE – right here waiting
fiji blue – it takes two
five days north – city of wonder
goodnight the satellite – 14 hours
clueless kit – rooftop
luwill – evil world

✰ FAQ ✰
how old are you? → 15
what grade are you going into? → 10th
ethnicity? → filipino + vietnamese
cameras? → canon m50 + canon g7x
editing software? → final cut pro x

sub count: 1.71M

stay positive!
xoxo, nicole



  1. Nicole I have a question when your out example in this video when you were like walking around in Vegas do you bring your camera everywhere every time or do you use your phone

  2. I love how Nicole’s brother and her are so close! Usually most siblings fight! Also did I mention their handshake? That was literally the coolest! 😜 We love you collie! Keep going and be your self! <3

  3. I love how Linda said “hey guys it Linda and welcome back to my Chanel”✨ also Linda and I share the same person cause I always thought my birthday was rare ✨❤️

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