LAS VEGAS VLOG | April 2022 | Day Two

Las Vegas Vlog | April 2022 | Day Two



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Video includes: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Las Vegas Strip, MGM Las Vegas, Nine Fine Irishmen, Park MGM, Aria Las Vegas, Bellagio Fountains

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  1. Rustic Irish Bread Selection 😂🙈 well that's a new one!!! We fell round the place laughing at that!!! Have to say in all the times we've been to Vegas we've only been in the Nine Fine Irish men once & never been back. Guinness was awful & just not the best atmosphere. Really over rated.

  2. We are loving these vlogs from this trip. We were so disappointed that you had a bad experience at Nine Fine Irishmen. The last 3-4 times we were there were very nice, I had great food, the service was fine. The bread basket with the pretzel looked so good, and when you said that it was stale, it kinda broke my heart. Glad you didn’t let it ruin the rest of your day. Looking forward to the rest of the vlogs in the series. Safe travels and hope you hit many hand pays!!!! Hugs to y’all. 😎❤️🎰

  3. New subscriber here! Oh man, you guys are blowing up! I started watching you when you were only at 3,090 subscribers (and that was only a week ago) and now you've got so many more subscribers. Your watch times must be through the roof, because I found myself sitting there watching your videos from start to finish. Keep 'em coming!

  4. 2:55 I legit just bought one of these yesterday off Amazon lol! Such a cool idea! 8:15 what a way to bounce back after Megabucks was a bust! Beer Park is a great place to people watch too! Judging from the intro you must make it back there eventually! So 2 things… my wife likes ciders like Angry Orchard so I need to find her the Stella Cidre to try… 2nd I always see you with those 805 cans… I need to try one, hopefully I can find one here on the East Coast! 31:45 now you guys are definitely my favorite people! I know very few people that drink Corona with a Lemon like me and I think its the best way to have it! Man those pizzas look tasty! Nice wins to finish the night! And now I have wait for the next one… torture lol

  5. Thanks for a little bit of Park MGM. I'm staying there in June and like any info I can find on here. I hope to stay at Cosmo one day. So far only enjoyed gambling and drinks at it. Great location. Any idea if one can room charge to MGM properties from there yet?

  6. Got round to watching these after some insane weeks , but of course they did not disappoint and always makes me smile.
    Good wins thus far and hope it continues 🤑🤑
    Much happiness to you both and I've booked for Vegas in September as well as November after all this work rubbish.
    I'm in wait for the next installment 😁👍🍻😁

  7. Great video guys…first time I’ve come across your footage.
    Like the way you mix a bit of everything with the location, hotel, food/drink (prices and standards -Irish pub😂) and obviously the slot$$$.
    I’m guessing you are American and Kayleigh is English and her lingo has rubbed off on you..(‘see you in a bit!)… it 👍🏼💥

  8. Hi guys thank you for another fantastic vlog! I also want to say thank you for telling us about those plastic, envelopes from Amazon that you use, I love that idea so I just ordered myself one, now let’s hope I have some cash winnings to put in them lol … great vlog can’t wait till tomorrow’s vlog! Joanna from Canada 🇨🇦🥰🥰

  9. Love your vlogs! Is there a video where you layout/describe your full method with the envelopes? I’d like to try to follow it when my husband and I go next month!

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