Las Vegas visitors react to COVID-19 spike, LA county recommending halt of travel to Nevada

Las Vegas visitors react to COVID-19 spike, LA county recommending halt of travel to Nevada



  1. I put my life on the line for Mittens in 2012 when I posted on Reid's and Obama's FB page about Reid's bribes when Reid lied saying Romney did not pay his taxes…Harry Reid pick up his bribes at the Railroad Pass Casino not wanting to drive all the way to Vegas. Reid retired after exposing this to attorney Donna Fitzsimmons at the Mob Museum when she came to Vegas to speak about Cleveland Mob. Watch the movie Kill the Irishman as I am related by marriage to John Nardi. #BadComic

  2. So basically the people took a chance on getting vaccinated that is not FDA approved, no idea what are the side effects in the future and went through flu like systems for nothing. This is some bullshit already.

  3. I'd say don't bother trying to convince them to get the vaccine at this point. They have their RIGHTS… to catch Covid19. Just let Natural Selection decide.

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  6. I stopped fighting with people over masks and vaccinated and unvaccinated. At this point I made the best decision for myself. However for indoor businesses I still wear a mask. Where it's required. I choose who I want to be around and places I feel comfortable.. I avoid places with over crowding. I try to respect others as well. I am not going fight anymore. This is exhausting. I feel bad for those who lost loved ones or have gotten super sick. I am praying we all make it to better days. Eventually it will run its course like the Spanish flu. It's been hard. Everywhere for everyone. Vaccinated or unvaccinated. Take care of yourself and do what you think is best to survive. I wouldn't want to go to Vegas right cause it's hot as hell . Plus it's not as fun as it used to be back in it's heyday . ❤️✌️

  7. People never thought, well maybe I should still wear a mask even if I’m vaccinated, because people who are unvaccinated heard the same thing too, and thought if they can go unmasked, I can too! The little honesty system the cdc thought was gonna go so well, didn’t go so well!

  8. I fault those governor's of those states. Trying to prove a republican statement and an agenda against President Biden! No DUMMIES your choice to open up w/o masks are going to kill people! Those fighting for this open exposure w/o mask too GO GET VACCINATED!!!!! I don't know who else is sick of all this but PEOPLE JUST ACT YOUR FREAKING AGE AND DO WHAT IS NECESSARY SO THAT THE COUNTRY CAN MOVE ON PASS THIS!!! FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!

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