Las Vegas Update (Not Enough Money)

Today is a Las Vegas update about what is going on in Southern Nevada (Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson) on and off of the strip. There is news about the number of deaths associated with the virus, the amount of layoffs that casinos have undergone and a new bill for unemployment to help Nevadans who are laid off or furloughed.

CES 2021 in Las Vegas Canceled Over COVID-19, Consumer Electronics Show Moves to Online Format

Permanent layoffs expected for many workers in MGM entertainment division

M Resort in Henderson will lay off 300 employees in August

‘Club Wyndham Grand Desert’ reports more layoffs, furloughs due to COVID-19 pandemic

Nearly 200 employees at Henderson TIMET plant face layoffs

Nearly 200 employees at Henderson TIMET plant face layoffs

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  1. Me and my kids are moving to Vegas in December. We can no longer stay in Colorado it's too expensive and with winter coming I would rather be on the streets in Vegas than Colorado. Is it just the hospitality industry that is in trouble or all jobs in general ?

  2. I just got back from Vegas. I noticed all the table minimums went up $5 and $10 higher than normal. A lot of buffets were still closed. At Boyd run casinos they have plexiglas formed cubicles at the card tables. Vegas to me didn't have the same enjoyable vibe that I'm used to. I won't be be going back until things go back to normal.

  3. Was a red state. Once the ex Californians and illegal aliens came in was the beginning of the end. The powers that be thought the ride would never end. Ow just another failed blue state.

  4. Aaahhh…i got a LIVE MUSIC show would be GREAT OUT affordable and would bring folks into these DUMPS..but they wont HAVE me. They WANT it like this now…they want ALL small..non-GOV. Player buisinesses out of the way the GREED and MUSCLING wont stop til its only "government bitch boys" left. The ones still welcome down the road are ALL connected and BEiNG PAID to GET thru this all. Although MANY are finding out they are gonna get "turned on" very soon.its hard to see it EVER getting back to as it WAS..with incomes threatened and new TRAVEL restrictions… Just IMAGINE how much they have lost on NO SPORTS BETTING !your LEADERS ya all look and beleive in couldnt be RAPING and KiLLING us ALL fast enough.DONALD HATES vegas for ruining him years ago…he took WYNN out first thing as soon as he got in. (the heart and soul of all that was STILL good in Vegas).the Democrats got a lotta Vegas skim and entertainment funds i think …the squeeze is ON over there and California.more and more it looks like Vegas will be a place that only RICH..sucessful POLITICAL types and DIGNITARIES can Go or AFFORD. So…SCREW EM i guess? ..the last time i went there i WARNED them. I was at Studio 54 and all kinds of ARIAS were being CUT OFF of regular traffic with the "red ropes"…VIP only so it was insulting and really made me feel stupid,cheap and not appreciated. I commented to the HOST employee..who was being snarky to me and lookin at me like i was a Loser…….i said: Ya KNOW…you creeps love the "whales"..n "sharks" so Much…but LOOK around..there ARENT so Many of those AROUND anymore PAL…you n that snarky look Gonna be outta a JOB soon cuz yaz dont respect ME and MY MONEY enough. Folks like ME are your bread and butter ya better REALIZE that soon or youll be sorry…I aint spending any MORE HERE. I got home from my Vacation with 1500 dollars i brought just to BLOW having FUN!..i spent it doing stuff out HERE at home in Wisconsin! Ya Hey Der!

  5. Get rid of the resort fees for 1, give a free drink once in awhile and don't charge 20 to $40 for one drink if it's call, and the parking should be free like it always was, terrible I don't want to come there anymore either

  6. When the world returns to a mask-less state, things will slowly return to normal.. For now, me personally… I enjoy not having all the traffic we normally do, and appreciating life for what it is… I think believe it or not, given our lack of things to do, people are still pouring out here to Vegas.. Especially Thursday through.. even Monday.. I work in the heart of everything here.. I definitely know.

  7. I've lived in Las Vegas for over 50 years, and Vegas lost over millions of dollars each day since the Pandemic. Just like Macau in China lost millions a day, Vegas got hit the same way, and will take awhile to get that money back, now the Casinos are for sale, especially The Station Casino's….Glad I had enjoyed the best years back in the 70's, 80's, 90's, and 2019 was the last year I gambled at Green Valley Ranch Station Casino in Henderson NV…Sad to see it all has fallen.

  8. Support Hydrate Vegas: This program provides free water to keep people hydrated and healthy. Dehydration is life threatening in Las Vegas, so we work to raise awareness about staying hydrated.

  9. The numbers are not true at all as the hospitals get $13,000 for each COVID 19 death. I've had countless people tell me they know someone who died and it wasn't. the COVID and they had to fight the hospital to get the real cause on the death certificate. This LOCK DOWN has nothing to do with a VIRUS as it's not contagious nor is it airborne. It's been in the works for a long long time as the TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN wants to get the population down to under a billion. The MASK MANDATES are part of the HOAX as well as wearing a MASK is more hazardous to our health than the coronavirus! Do real research and it's easy to see their agenda as all the GOVERNORS are making a fortune in bribes! BANKRUPTCIES – SUICIDES – UNEMPLOYMENT- HOMELESS – all rising. Bill Gates – Dr.Fauci the WORLD HELL ORGANIZATION – The CENTER FOR DISEASE CREATION and BUG PHARMA are not to be trusted! WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO STOP THIS before the MANDATORY VACCINE PART of it COMES OUT! The MICRO CHIP – CONTACT TRACING – all about making the NEW WORLD ODER ( not a typo as it stinks to high heaven ) come to fruition. PUSH BACK by refusing to wear the MASK!

  10. I came to Vegas last weekend and I was pretty lucky to get a lyft ride just under 10 minutes. But I had to pay for a Lyft XL because I didn’t want to wait 20 min for a regular lyft. I stayed at the Venetian and I was pretty satisfied that they have people cleaning everything with disinfectants.

  11. As a local i can say Vegas has been declining steadily for the last 10 years. They need to go back to the old Vegas where everything was cheap and more personal. The worst thing for the strip was all the big casinos. People want to come here and stay for cheap and eat cheaply. Then they will spend more money

  12. I find it interesting that something we shouldn't have done anything about (virus) may destroy something that shouldn't exist (gimbling which is a wallet virus) and yes I have been gambling for almost 40 years

  13. What will happen to Vegas if different pandemic disease come year after year ? Money dries up, lake mead dries up, crime goes up, business bankrupt, jobs disappear….The same goes to any other cities, I guess…sad…end of American Dream 😰😱😷

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