LAS VEGAS travel guide 2021 | Experience Las Vegas

In this video, we’ll explore the extravagant Las Vegas, from the world-famous Strip, the historic Downton, to the most exciting experiences, and amazing food. Plus a surprise bonus at the end.
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0:00 Intro
0:22 Location
0:41 THE STRIP: Famous hotels & casinos
2:04 Transportation
2:41 Gambling history
3:20 DOWNTOWN LAS VEGAS: Fremont Street, Container Park, Museums, etc.
4:10 Arts District
4:28 Attractions & activities
5:48 Food & drinks
6:59 Linq Promenade
7:12 The Strat Hotel, Casino & Skypod: Stratosphere Tower
7:19 The Park
7:28 Interesting stores: Coca-Cola Store, M&M’S Store, Hershey’s Chocolate World
7:45 BONUS

Additional video credits:
– Neon Museum Las Vegas
– SlotZilla Zipline (Fremont Street Experience)
– Fly LINQ Zipline Las Vegas
– Papillon Helicopter Tours
– AREA15

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  1. 🔴 Don't forget to get your 📚 $6.99 Vegas PDF Travel Guide:
    DISCLAIMER: Due to Covid restrictions some of the attractions and activities mentioned in this video are operating in a limited capacity or might be temporarily closed. Please take all the necessary precautions when traveling.

  2. Nothing compares to the joy of the night hidden under the curtain of the noise of people roaming the streets

    Let that scene paint a new joy under the imaginary sky of America

  3. My amazing husband and I got married in Las Vegas over 17 years ago (January 22 2004) which indirectly influences why I have some happy memories of vacationing there. We both plan on eventually traveling there again together, it is just that we are giving ourselves to decide what time period that we are going to do so and fortunately this las vegas travel video from the Hungry Passport channel is going to give some ideas that I can keep for both present and future reference.

  4. F-you, resort fees! WTF. This is pissing us off to the point of nearly saying F-you Las Vegas. How does it go from $35 a night to over $100 a night? Just be Fkng honest, don’t give us hidden fees once we start to pay! Holy shit this is pissing me off. And, paid parking on the Strip?

    Resort fees? For what? Yeah, I really want to go to a place, where —before i even get there —I know i will have the feeling and bad smell of being scammed. Las Vegas is quickly starting to sound like a place to be avoided.

  5. As a local, many of us can tell you that if coming north on the 15, the best way to go, is once you hit primm, take the exit to Whiskey Pete's. Fill up, and the follow the signs for the 15 South.

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