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  1. wazzzzzzzzzzzzsup C.T yaaaa you like the 5 dollar gas thank biden nice looking salad that dressing looks real good what bland dam pigeon shit oh yaaa el dorado see if they got good tortios

  2. Haven’t been to the El Dorado at the Tivoli but the original one next to the Sapphire gentleman’s club is awesome. Cadillac margaritas & table side guacamole are a must!

  3. The pigeons really put a damper on that dining experience, but you had to tell the truth, I realize restaurants are up against it with all the shortages, but hey, the really good ones will rise to the top, hope you enjoyed the rest of your day 😊,

  4. That salad looks awesome. I enjoy it when you take us along. Please do El Dorado as I have been eyeing this restaurant for our next off strip places to dine. Keep up the good work Christina and I look forward to the next one.

  5. Christina, either there was a whole lot of traffic, you hit every red light, or you drive incredibly slowly if it takes you 35 or 40 minutes to get from the Strip to Tivoli Village. LOL

  6. Hi Christina. That looked amazingly scrumptious. Thanks for giving us another idea when we come out there. I would like to see that El Dorado cantina too. Your videos are always amazing. Thanks again. Please take care and stay safe, Billy

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