Las Vegas Strip Walk [4K video] – People Watching

Las Vegas Strip walk 2022. Walking tour of the Las Vegas strip. People watching on the world famous Las Vegas Boulevard. Filmed in 4K video, Las vegas strip tour and Las Vegas strip walking tour 2022. Las Vegas video.
Date: February 12, 2022
Time: 4:00pm, Temp: 77°F / 25°C
Harley Quinn girl in beginning and end: harley_quinnlv (IG)
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Filmed by The Laughing Lion #LaughingLion #Lasvegasstrip #LasVegas
Edited in Adobe Premiere pro.
Camera used: DJI pocket 2 Shot in 4K video, 60 fps with 110° FOV / 15mm wide angle lens
Music: Licensed via Epidemic Sound “Sleep Deprived” by Lvly.
This video is for informational and entertainment purposes only.



  1. Super partage 👍⌚👈👀✌
    Excellent tes vidéos mon ami!! 💯💯 Bonne chance ⭐🍀 💫 Passez une merveilleuse journée aujourd'hui… 🌸🌼 Restez heureux et gardez le sourire 🌼🌸 RESTEZ CONNECTÉ ❤🌹😘

  2. Took my parents for their 50th about 7yrs ago, stayed 5 days at the Venetian during the week, great time. Doesn’t seem quite as attractive to walk around as I remember.

  3. To say anything about Las vegas would be stupid. Look at where all these poeple go to spend money. There is enough money in Vegas, idiots, they can live without your change! just help an old man who need medication, help some who is starving on the streets, give the money to websites who need donations, because that is the right way to give money away! And then there is the other thing, how to win some money? I got to give it to you, fools, gambling is not going to make anyone rich. Put your mind to work, get with the program and be realistic! It's not too late, come around and make a change, cocksuckers!

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