Las Vegas Street Racing (600-1000hp street cars)

Nothing like a nice early morning Cash Days in the Las Vegas desert! The weather was perfect, and the turnout was as expected. With cars in the 600-1000hp range, this was the ideal group for the porous desert-like track conditions.


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  1. The race master doesn't know how drag racing works terms of the jump call and also should make a rules list on the website or on Facebook event before they come. The race master should step down or learn how to race master or gave someone else in my book

  2. I was beyond happy seeing that yellow z knocked out the race lol. That guy is what happens when you grow up with participation trophies and no no's from mommy and her 3 boyfriends.

  3. The yellow z guy can catch these hands what a punk bitch. YOU DONT DESERVE TO BE IN THE FINALS. Ur car spun against that mustang so bad. And they took off at the same time. You're a cry baby little bitch

  4. Those z's are sick.
    Yellow z guy going to fight anyone who try's to move his car. bro let's box, let's box just cause fuck it, will be fun… Man I wish I was there.

  5. I'like old car Madeline is God and confidence in the bus stop ✋🦋 ok86 naP 😰 Salute 🌹🐱🦋🐦 null hypothesis that you can do anything because is ❤ for you keep what you doing?

  6. I hope the bum in the yellow Z is reading all these comments and realizes what a complete ass he made of himself not just to the people at this event but to the almost 700k people that watched this.

    Never invite him back what a man child.

  7. Props to the no trailer McLaren. Those F bodies just leap out of the hole. I want to see a longer wheelbase 87-88 T Bird running this style of racing. Memories of Bob Glidden's Pro Stock T Bird.

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