Las Vegas ROOM SERVICE Food Review! Living on VENETIAN HOTEL ROOM SERVICE Food for 24 Hours!

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Had my first in room dining experience in Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel. Stayed at the Palazzo Tower which has slightly bigger rooms. The in room dining options are the same as the Venetian. The room service food was amazing!

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  1. Dear Micky Iv Just Watched 👀 The Wyyn Hotel 🏨 Room Sevice Review With That Door 🚪 Stop Leather Salmon 🐟 ..But With This Review ..? Now Thats What I Call A Proper Salmon fish 🐟 AND THE French 🇫🇷 Toast 🍞 Looked Both Tasty and Delicious ..Great 📹 Video 👍 Keep Up The Fantastic Work 🙂

  2. How this man puts away the food he does amazes me. Im so picky(on the spectrum)i always watch mikey to help me wanna try new things. Texture is a huge thing for me so when he explains things sometimes it helps me not be so scared

  3. Never thought i would watch an Asian man eating gormet room service but… here i am lol… not even sure how i got here but i cant stop watching…

  4. You were at the venetian. Call guest services and let them know you have lost every part of your facial care etc and they will have what you need with in reason. Even the Holiday in in Poduckville has razors and such. Oh and usually you set the remnants of the meal outside your door. Someone will be by to collect or you can call and they will come up

  5. Amazing. Stayed there after a Grand Canyon visit and too pooped to go out to eat so me and my travel buddy ordered room service. She got the lasagna and I had the 🍔. Everything delicious and portions huge.

  6. Great video! I worked in the casino business for 38 years in four states and two countries, nothing matched the experience of my 11 years working at The Venetian/Palazzo. I was part of the opening team in 1999. Sheldon Adelson and his wife, Dr. Miriam Adelson shared a vision, they made it come to life, team members were treated like all guests and paid very well. I enjoyed knowing exactly how the room service agent would answer the phone, finish the interaction. (Yes, they even had Phone Interaction training for all team members) She was text-book perfect!

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