Las Vegas Premium Outlets – Let's Go Shopping!

The holiday season approaches, Black Friday is just days away, and it is a well known fact that visitors to Las Vegas LOVE to shop! On this episode of Las Vegas Inside & Out we take you to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets North, which is located right between the Strip and Downtown. All your favorite name brand stores have an outlet here, and it is a bright and happy strolling mall perfect for an afternoon wander. Put on your walking shoes, grab your wallet, and let’s go!

Links to locations mentioned in this video:
The Las Vegas Premium Outlets North

World Market Center
Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

Clark County Government Center
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Songs from the YouTube Audio Library featured in this video:
– Side Steppin
– Sleepless Aloha
– Cliffsides
– Jazz in Paris
– Tiptoe Out the Back

Cinematography: Dale McKenzie, Paula McKenzie
Editing, Voiceover, Post-Production: Dale McKenzie, Final Cut Pro X
Research, Script: Paula McKenzie
Cameras: DJI Osmo Pocket, Panasonic DMC-GF6, iPhone 11 Pro Max



  1. I honestly had NO IDEA this place existed in Las Vegas! I think my wife might like this place…LOL. And that fresh brewed root beer sure sounds good.
    Keep up the good work, Dale and Paula! I'm really starting to dig these non-casino excursions you film.

  2. Hi guys, just discovered your channel . I live in New York but I go to Vegas twice a year . You can also take public transportation to get to the outlet mall. SDX bus goes there

  3. Hello! I'm a new subscriber and I'm really loving your videos. I thought I would start with some of your older videos and work my way up…Lol I would love to visit this outlet! Last time we were in Vegas I planned on shopping more but my boyfriend got very sick after he ate a chicken sandwich at Blue Ribbon Chicken (that everyone says is fabulous) Stay clear of that place… Thanks for the video!

  4. Hi there!!! I always wondered what those buildings were and thank's to you now I know. I really enjoy watching the videos away from the casinos, you two always give me and my family great ideas on what to do in Vegas other than gamble and that I really appreciate. Have you been to the Neon Museum?? My son and I went last year we were in Vegas and it was awesome just a thought maybe you can do a video on the Neon Museum and the Mob Museum.

  5. Whoa, whoa, whoa… You have Panasonic GF6? I just stumbled across your channel (I always read the show notes) and saw it listed. Yours is the first channel, besides mine, that I've seen this camera listed. The screen on mine recently conked out so I need to get it repaired. I know it's not the latest tech but the video quality for youtube looks fine and I like the design.

  6. Excellent Video as always! What is need is one of your great vidoes done in Tombstone AZ. All the ones on youtube now are bad. Terrible camera work and editing as well. I bet you could make a good one! Thanks!

  7. Dale and Paula what a great idea for a video! This is absolutely my favorite outlet mall I've been to (spent a little too much at the Dolce & Gabbana though!) Thank you for giving some information about the buildings by it though. I was very curious to know what they were.

  8. We were at the mall last week when it had been raining, it was a much nicer day when you went. We arrived in Vegas on the day of the marathon, our Uber driver had to do some work to get us to our hotel without going down the strip.

  9. Hi, Dale Im new to your channel live in California but go to Vegas almost every other month, my home casino is Caesars Palace maybe you can do a walk through the Casinos for me. Thanks, Great videos by the way.

  10. As a local, I love your videos. Perhaps it’s because I love you guys. One suggestion, if I may, you should have cut the part of the two of you sharing one hotdog. Really? Keep up the good work. You both are an asset to our Las Vegas. 😎

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