Las Vegas News | 7@7 AM for Monday, February 14, 2022

A warehouse employee fatally shot a man who was reportedly stealing his car, police said, police say more arrests are expected in a battery case involving Alvin Kamara, the Clark County Marriage License Bureau is ready for Valentine’s Day and more on 7@7 from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.



  1. Don’t arrest the shooter, it was his hard earned property that was being stolen he was protecting his belongings. I feel it’s wrong that we can protect what we work hard for without getting into trouble. This is why crime is so high, because these criminals know we will get in trouble if we protect ourselves and our property! Sad

  2. GOOD! we should be able to shoot them even if they are running. You don't know what can happend after he takes the car ..he could of been stealing that car to murder someone or could of been all messed up and drove onto pedestrains etc.

  3. If the 19-year-old was pushed by her school or employment mandates in Nevada to get the vaccine, I would be suing the state of Nevada, employer or school.

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