1. Why do people care so much about what people do on the road. Think about it, there will always be dumb people dong dumb things on the road because they are morons.

  2. Story not making sense. So the young girl was driving in the parking lot.. then they drive out onto the street and she says then they switch seats.. so now MOM is in the driver seat? And then she says we were driving at a snails pace..when suddenly an impatient driver appears, and I noticed the man “was riding… like riding our bumper” and than he swerved around us and “I” “i”… she says “i” honked the horn.. but wait? The moms driving according to her story? Idk…

  3. .Hey there❤️, you should Repent for your sins(ask God for forgiveness and turn away from sins) and “If you openly say, “Jesus is Lord” and believe in your heart that God raised him (Jesus) from death, you will be saved.” Saved by faith
    ‭‭Romans‬ ‭10:9‬ ‭ERV‬‬
    Remember to pick up your cross daily and follow Jesus. Also don’t forget to read you bible and pray daily. Jesus loves you but not your sins. Jesus is coming back, believe to be saved. I love you God bless you❤️

  4. Yeah there is 0 chance I'm honking. People go crazy about the horn it's ridiculous, I've seen some road rages and it was about the horn 99% of the cases. I don't get why people go so crazy on the road sometimes once a man chased me around a parking lot because it took me too long to take my turn. I was terrified but it was during the day and the parking lot was full of people, also my friend was in a car there. But fortunately the guy gave up when he was trying to shout at me and wanted me to open my window but I refused to look at him or respond, I ignored him. It was scary even during the day. If you are a road rager, just calm down, it's scary

  5. That’s just the pathetic fragile ego drivers ya have on the road now this could’ve happened during day time too and I wouldn’t drive home if a sketchy car is following me…one gets out im runnin his ass over 😕

  6. No one should die over road rage but why would you do this at night y’all can not be this dumb. If you wanted an empty parking lot go early in the morning or after school tf.

  7. Teach the females in your life to have some humility. If she never honked at that driver she’d be alright. Instead her emotions were more important and she had to honk at the other person.

  8. Why would she drive home???
    If that happens to you, DRIVE TO A POLICE STATION. Cameras are everywhere. Then honk your horn nonstop. The police will come out to help, and the chaser will be caught.

  9. Why this young woman didn't immediately tell the real story that her mom and her brother carrying a pistol went out looking for the other driver and followed a wrong but similar car who's occupant eventually shot a them? That's the problem with these people, they think they're tough but when they finally found what they're looking for, they cry like babies.

  10. This story is so sad 😞 I had a guy flip his crap over me getting around him on two lanes same direction and he rushed up next to me doing dirty hand motions and I took a quick right and then in and out of roads because this man shouldn’t of been driving. I couldn’t get his plate because I was not expecting that and thank god I lost him. My Boston driving skills kicked in.

  11. “Something we’ve all done” no! I never honk, there are very few cases where honking is the best action. Instead of handling at the crash about to happen, how bout maybe devoting all your attention to AVOIDING the crash. And if it’s just to inform someone of their bad driving just don’t do it not only could it cause road rage with a gun owner, it could also startle someone around and CAUSE an accident.

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