Las Vegas Lowrider Supershow 2021 Classic Car Show

Experiencing Car Culture with Skid Society Car Vlogs; revisiting the automotive art form native to California; Lowriding. This video is the first part from the 2021 Las Vegas Lowrider Super Show, a Lowrider show that was another out of state car culture adventure, as Classic Cars congregated at the Las Vegas Convention Center for the 2021 Lowrider Super Show!

The Las Vegas Lowrider Super Show 2021 was packed with clean rides and lowrider cars; everything from the 1961 Chevy Impalas equipped with Hydraulics, custom paint and engraving to 1930s Chrysler Imperials in pristine condition. Lowrider Models were posing for photoshoots with the impressive car builds that filled the convention center in Las Vegas, the same location as the SEMA show! Stay tuned for more footage from this Lowrider Car Show, including some after show car cruising action and hops, coming right up on the Skid Society YouTube Channel!

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  1. I'm editing a TON of footage both from the Las Vegas Show and the streets, make sure you SUBSCRIBE to the channel and ring the Notification Bell, because you won't want to miss the content that's coming right up!! 😎👍

  2. Can't drive them much anymore. It's cool looking for sure. It be nice to see them drive across America. Years ago you'd see them everywhere. Now they spend time in the garage. Trying to figure out what else to do to them.

  3. What happened to the models? I remember back in the 90s when mayor lowrider shows were packed with both models and just hotties that wanted to be photographed next to the cars…

  4. Not a fan of lowriders, but the art of these cars is astounding. I can't believe people can afford to buy and build these rolling canvases. So much color, designs. I never knew the underbody was just as top as the top. Thanks for sharing, learned something new. 😎👍

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