Las Vegas Is the Worst Place on Earth – John Oliver

John Oliver learns something about himself (and Mike Tyson) in Las Vegas, and recounts the best thing that’s ever happened to him on the New York City subway.

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  1. "The electronic doors"
    As if the subway would have manual doors.

    Sidebar, I totally expected door guy to fling his suitcase in an attempt to stop the door, and then loose the suitcase bc the doors close and his suitcase leaves him saying "IM FREE!!!!"

  2. I went to Vegas in my early 20s w my sister. Was Halloween. It was beyond tacky. It was seriously a one and done place for me. However my parents go EVERY October w/o fail. I also don’t gamble tho, they do. However I always thought my view of the place from the other side of the country all my life was WOW! It must be so amazing there w all those lights & sparkle. I even wanted to be a showgirl. However that one trip, what I saw, experienced…. That’s all it took!

  3. Is Las Vegas worst place on earth? John, have you ever been to Erdington, Birmingham? That's where they do nuclear holocaust stock photos when they want an English perspective.

  4. British yet American now, can make fun of himself and truly shows elegant shameless self awareness to how little it’s about himself but more about bringing laughter and common sense in a British American morality. Thank you John Oliver for being you and being apart our world!

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