Las Vegas Gal Vlog: Peppermill & Client Appreciation

I’m taking you to a Vegas favorite breakfast spot, Peppermill, and downtown to the Las Vegas arts district in this vlog video. If you are thinking of moving to Las Vegas or want more information on how to live your best Las Vegas life, click this link to get in touch with our team:

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  1. Didn't you recently go to Paris, FR? How was your trip? Did you get to relax? Your videos are enjoyable. I've eaten at the Peppermill, but there are better places in Vegas for breakfast. Still, thanks for taking us on your morning journey!

  2. Does your friend have a podcast or social media? I got his number at the NF tea party. I think I lost it or didn’t save it. I would love to talk to him about crypto and NFTs.

  3. I love the area you live in. I watch Jake regularly too👍 But I still dont understand bitcoin😂🤣 The little Eggman🍳is so cute.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

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