Las Vegas doctor urges everyone to wear a mask in public

In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 and its variants, Los Angeles County in California is bringing back its mask mandate, requiring everyone to wear a mask indoors, even if they’re vaccinated. Now, a local doctor is encouraging everyone in Las Vegas to do the same.




  2. I wear a mask and will continue to for awhile out of respect for my fellow Americans .If show love respect for each other wed be so much more ahead of the virus.Instead we can't seem to grasp the virus can be deadly.I'm vaccinated but don't know who I come into contact with that isn't.

  3. Former President Obama directs Biden to use US military to transport COVID exposed llegal immigrants by the thousands from Texas border airbase into key metropolitan areas across the US. This action is unprecedented and is act illegal act against the American people. More mask mandates expected to follow. Key intelligence sources in DC leak unconfirmed statement, that Former President Obama believes that "Trump made me do it".

  4. This is bullshiiiioooo they give people a taste of normal again then rip it away so clearly the masks n vaccine didn’t work so why bother doing it again we gonna do this forever ?

  5. I was always wearing a mask and did social distancing. Since 2 weeks I have a sore throat and nasal congestion. Since today I feel like getting fever. 😳 I ordered a COVID-19 test, arriving Monday. Let's see if it's COVID-19.
    Wear your masks, wash your hands and social distance! 😷😷😷

  6. We are going to be at shutdown level agian soon! This is why we still wear oir mask anyway even though were vaccinated! Too many people just dont give a damn or not smart enough to keep our lives getting back to normal, what ever that is! Sad.

  7. Right! So the Gov is so concerned with rising cases that he opened the stadium for concerts while chasing away my convention business since March 2020!!! 😤

  8. Las Vegas is also now recommending wearing your mask while in the shower and especially while swimming underwater. It is for your and everyones safety.

    Makes sense to me.

  9. please get this repeatedly selfish and careless decision making governor of fl out of there that opened the state back up before it was safe and the state numbers ended up much higher but his response was that he was going on the info that he had at the time 😒👌 but wouldn't take ownership of the reckless advice he gave, that ended so many who listened existence 😕👎

  10. The mask has nothing to do with disease prevention. The mask is about de-humanization and control. There is no difference between the mask and the burqa. Democrat Sharia.

  11. So what does the Science say? CDC says vaccinated don't need to wear a mask. Vegas scientists are saying vaccinated people need to wear a mask?
    Which institution is spreading misinformation?

  12. Now, a local Doctor is encouraging everyone in Las Vegas to do the same" – Well he's not much of a Doctor is he!!!
    Follow the Science or just Shut Up!

  13. Idiots…..I can’t even anymore. Let’s just lock her all down again. I want to see this whole thing end as badly as possible. Mad Max is a preferable outcome at this point.

  14. What we are saying is we don’t know shit and the present danger is still here and we don’t know the real cure. Yet people travel and use dirty taxi cabs……you better watch out with public transportation……

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