If you ever wondered what it’s like to attend a convention in Las Vegas then this video is for you. If you’ve never attended one I recommend you do … they’re lots of fun and easy to get in to. Join me for a walk from the Westgate Las Vegas to the LVCC convention center where we’ll explore the NAB Las Vegas 2022 convention, all 3 expo halls and have some fun along the way.

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  1. Were you really GOOFIN' OFF?! LoL. Thank you for taking us on this intriguing walk thru. I've always heard about conventions and such events going on in Vegas but have never actually been to one. It's really interesting to be aware of all this new and innovative technology existing out there. Although, I'm not sure I'd want to be turned into an Avatar and function in a virtual reality…..ok, maybe it could be fun for just one day, but that's it. And sure, we're totally ready for the Bror TV network!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tour Bror. I worked the NAB, I guess, the last time it was in Dallas. Before it moved permanently to Las Vegas and long before You Tube. Goofin Off is always a worthwhile activity…

  3. Thanks for exploring the "Goofin' Off" glorious 4K walk thru inside the broadcasting world at LVCC. Very informative! Nicely done, and thanks for sharing, Bror! 🥯☕next

  4. Watching 2nd time with my lunch: that was an exciting convention – not sure about living all my entire life in avatar … YES, Word is Ready for you, Bror – do That NewsWorks, Radio show, your own channel … Everything is done with a heart calling will be a Success – No doubt! 👍

  5. "Goofin Off". An enjoyable walk and talk. That is the first time that I have seen the inside of a Vegas convention. I also thought it interesting that since you shot this video earlier last week that you were talking about upcoming videos that we have already seen. Till next time.

  6. Nothing like a little "Goofing Off "
    The camera equipment is very intimidating to me, I'll just stick to my old nikon d50 lol.
    Just a quick thought, I think it would be interesting to hear how and why you got into radio, how long you had a show and why you left it.
    Keep up the good work brother 👍

  7. Goofin off and geeking out – Love That! 😃 That was very interesting video to me – never been to a convention before … I see how it can be overwhelming … and informative … and Fun … wow … miles to walk! Thank you, Bror!

  8. Goofing off, bror style, that's my favorite. That west hall was overwhelming. Loved the view from the 3rd floor. Looking forward to the POV on the tesla loop. We need a planning call, talk soon?

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