LAS VEGAS | Bellagio Buffet | Harrah’s Room Tour | Part 1

We were finally able to try Bellagio’s Brunch Buffet. Check out our full review! Also, a room tour of the newly renovated room at Harrah’s.

Bellagio Buffet, 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Intro artwork by Andrew D (Instagram: dreww.jpg)

Intro jingle by Lemme Duyer Music

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  1. I had to double check where the buffet was located. Food selection was okay, but that is one boring atmosphere… from the seating area to the food stations. I can’t believe that’s the Bellagio. The restaurant interior looks so average, especially in comparison to the overall resort.

  2. $42 (weekdays and $50 weekends) is NOT a great price. It is an insane price for a brunch buffet that is not super high-end. All you were paying for was the make-up money the casino lost during the pandemic. And it looks like you ate $10 worth of food each to boot. Better your money being burned up than mine, I guess.

  3. Hello Bill and Lisa thank you for enabling us to experience this through your eyes. I am unable to travel do to my medical condition. I also would like you guys to know how much of a positive impact you have on me especially with these times of high anxiety and uncertainty. Love all your videos. God bless you both. 🙏❤️

  4. Bellagio Buffet was one of my favs prior to the shut down. They had a beef tenderloin and pesto mashed potatoes that I would get every time. Miss it so much. Cannot wait to get back to Las Vegas. Great review Bill and Lisa.

  5. I must admit I miss walking through Harrah's(our hotel shuttle pick up & drop off spot) & seeing Buck & Winnie Greenback lol. Just got back a week ago from my 1st trip to Vegas. Stayed for 6 nights & had a blast! Definitely looking forward to my next trip & will visit the buffet in the Bellagio the next time around.

  6. They have finally renovated Harrah’s rooms. The price was always cheaper compared to other hotels on the Las Vegas Strip but the room quality wasn’t so great.

  7. I saw you guys at the Bellagio buffet and at Abstinthe! I wanted to say hi so badly but I didn't want to bother you guys. My husband kept telling me to go up but I was nervous lol

  8. Omg , not again 😀 , all that lovely food . I keep telling myself i wont watch . It makes me hungry . Raspberry mousse , 😀What a wonderful choice . You are obviously having a good time . Thanks for showing us.

  9. Disappointing!!..and for this price!..and for me as a former chief…I see that they prepare too much forward..and use deepfried or presalted and convinienced food (turkey!!,dumplings….etc!!)…and its not comfortable there …noisy !!! No , that would nerver be my choice for this price!!!

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