Las Vegas bartender robbed at gunpoint sues former bosses for forcing him to repay stolen money

A Las Vegas bartender robbed at gunpoint tells 13 Investigates he actually got ripped off twice in a matter of hours: once by a gun, and then by a pen. The agreement his boss made him sign has now turned into a lawsuit.



  1. No you can't make a employee pay back money that was stolen by a robbery. They have insurance for that. If they're double dipping they need to be charged with Fruad

  2. I got robbed at gunpoint working in a store once. My boss gave me 2 paid weeks off to decide if I still wanted to work that job.

    I was told that if it ever happened hit the silent alarm button on the floor and open the cash drawer and get out of the way.

  3. it shows how bad labour laws are in the US. All US laws are designed ot protect rich old white men and businesses…..never workers. Such a backwards country.

  4. I remember when I worked at shooters in Austin and I had stalker situation who threatened harm on me my friends and even co-workers who got in the way and what do they do let him be there … it’s sick

  5. That's a terrible owner… but who's to say the owner didn't pay the guy to do it to extort money from the bartender… with the insurance claim it would be a triple dip.

  6. Who the hell keeps that much cash in a register? Almost 4K….really?
    That's what a drop safe is for. No cash register should have more than $150 in small bills and coin

  7. The worst part is that the lodge is technically triple dipping because once the robber is convicted, he will have to pay back restitution. Do the bar is getting 4k from the bartender, 4k from insurance and 4k from the robber through restitution.

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