Las Vegas: America's Sin City | Cities of the Underworld (S3, E4) | Full Episode | History

Welcome to Las Vegas, America’s Sin City where casinos have made security their highest priority. Join hosts Don Wildman as he uncovers underground vaults and secret surveillance nerve centers, in Season 3, Episode 4, “Secret Sin City.”

Join us as we explain the wildest, weirdest, most shocking moments of all time in History Countdown –


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  1. Each segment of this episode, although dated, was very enjoyable. The host was more genuine, interesting and less of a know-it-all than Mike Rowe.

  2. When was this filmed? Having lived in Vegas since 1974, we have been in a severe DROUGHT for years… no fear of the floods that used to threaten the strip….and now homeless folks populate those drainage tunnels…

  3. The news buried the sacrifice that happened not that long ago at the Mandalay Bay. You are supposed to forget about it. It was not a one person deed. It was a sacrifice to Lucifer. Bullets broke glass as far away as the Bellagio with no explanation. All the first hand vids were censored off the media.

  4. Can't believe how low the water line is today compared to when my husband and I would go boating on weekends on Lake Mead…..The 70s was the best time to live in Vegas….

  5. No more of a secret 🤔🤔. Vegas is nothing but a scam. I would not ever gamble there if I went to visit. I would just go for the scenery. All these places they just want your 💲💲💲💲. And they don't care. They try to bait you in upgrade fancy rooms free this free that. It's all a scam stay away from the place 👎👎👎👎

  6. People Minds would be Absolutely Blown Away IF They Knew just How Many Thousands of People are Now Living UNDER The City of Las Vegas , Nevada !!! I Would know I Lived in Las Vegas for Years !!! People that totally live under the City and only come out to get Food that the Casinos through away ever day and to score Drugs !!! Living down in the Sewer tunnels and water runways under the City !

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