Las Vegas' $1.8BN Mega Stadium

Rising 10 storeys from the Nevada desert, the Raiders’ audacious new home (the Allegiant Stadium) is one of the most expensive venues ever conceived. For more by The B1M subscribe now – 

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Narrated by Fred Mills. Additional footage and images courtesy of Raiders, Manica Architecture, Google Earth and Michael Valdez.

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  1. I would say half of the money probably went to China using their cheap steels cause what I heard was steels were bending cracking bolts breaking so I don't know if the new stadium will last

  2. "Thank you Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. You are a wonderful mayor by giving us people of Las Vegas the Raiders also please give us the A's as well"


  3. I revisited this video after the first event at the New Stadium. One thing left unfinished was the Monorail Station that the Clark County Commission had promised when it acquired the line boosting low interest loans to finish the project.

    I'm a big fan of Brightline High Speed passenger line which has demonstrated great ability in getting things done between Miami and Orlando. The politics change at Disney Springs and the route to Tampa and whether its serving all the resorts and not just Disney is where the development might slow.

    Brightline West is making news now between LA and Vegas having purchased the land for its new station near the area, and the Clarke County Commission hopefully will learn from Orlando and fund the last Monorail mile to Allegiant Stadium, Airport and Brightline Station as part of the final plan of that future transportation inter-modal hub. The World is watching the Clarke County Commission and how it will shape the last mile of transportation in Sin City.

    Here's two gateway cities answering the to the future of their needs, both attractions in their own rights, one around a mouse that's creating a transportation MECA within its own state. The other at Sin City that's still adapting to the changing framework of it's changing landscape and economy. Infrastructure stops inconveniently close between the airport and Vegas strip. Never really addressed except of cumbersome taxis and buses.

    The recent post game walk of 65,000 post concert goers for over a mile sounded the alarm for new off strip cry for mass transit.

    While I'm a fan of mass transit and the Vegas Monorail which was part of the Allegiant Stadium and MSG Spear Plans and would like to see the final mile completed to serve the airport and patrons of Vegas. Perhaps another system could be built even though it's been more than successful for over 50 years of service at Disney World and it looks like it's headed for another 50 years.

    The people mover in Tomorrow Land which is the basic design of the Loop, has long waiting lines but boards continuously much in the same manner of the Loop. The Tokyo Monorail has over 300,000 daily riders. Sorry, just trying to paint a picture but I am open to whatever the future holds for two of my favorite cities.

    I am confident that Brightline will want a positive experience for their ridership once they arrive in Vegas and connecting to a flight, strip or downtown or front the venue back to Brightline's Station. One only needs to review the many Brightline Construction Updates that come out frequently to see the progress being made and the Stations that are finished projected being used by both airports fully or in part.

  4. I'm Jeanine N. George

    A Federal Banker
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    Impressed with my A. Stadium open to Las Vegas Raiders, residents, consumer's, and organization's within the world. Also with meeting the timelines, and dedication of those involved.

    Thank You,
    Jeanine N. George
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  5. Question: isn't it more wisely if you're not painting this stadium in the dessert white instead of black since black gets really hot? Especially in Vegas? Are there any measurements to cooling down the temperature inside?

  6. Construction of the stadium is considered "essential activity" in Nevada but you cannot go to church on Sundays. Explain to me again where in our constitution this is permitted because I'm pretty sure the 1st amendment prohibits any law abridging the free exercise of religion.

  7. Great video: Two points:
    (1) if you choose to come to the great state of Nevada, just remember, it's Nev-ada, not Ne-vah-dah.
    (2) It's October 2020, and there are still no spectators allowed, and even if they will be we are talking less than 10% occupancy. So currently more museum piece than money maker.

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