Is the Wicked Spoon Buffet the Best in Las Vegas? Let's Find Out! 😲

Here is my full review of the Wicked Spoon Buffet at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. This is a higher-end buffet, so let’s see how the food compares to a cheaper buffet.

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  1. This is a very expensive buffet. It should be good to say the least. The whole point of a casino buffet is to "get a lot for a little"… and this buffet fails miserably at that. If the price were cut in half it would be a different story

  2. I've been watching various reviews of Buffets in Vegas for a while now and yours are top notch because of your descriptions of the food and knowledge of ingredients that make a dish. Others I have watched are lacking in food knowledge and should be dining at McDonald's. Great job.

  3. Ruby, is there a 2 hour sitting time limit for food lunch (not the drinks mimosas etc)? When you got there at 10:30 and paid for breakfast, were you reminded by anyone that you were going over the lunch hour? Just curious.

  4. How in the world do you eat it all!!! LOL LOVE your reviews. Going to be in Vegas Oct 26-30th and can't wait! Changed hotel from Bally's to the Mirage and feel WAY better about it! Love your food reviews and tips. Awesome job to you both!

  5. My first time watching your video.
    I see a lot of comments saying the price is too much. But the wicked spoon is a 5 star buffet. And there's all you can eat king snow crab and the have an Asian boil with crawfish , corn,potatoes,sausage etc. There's a lot more she didn't show but she got some of the main dishes. They also have salmon that is absolutely delicious with a Alfredo pasta I pair it with. And for dessert they also have a ice cream station that serves amazing gelato. And not to mention there chocolate dipped Oreo strawberries. They also have an omelette station and a Asian make it your self rice noodle soup. You can also get stir fried vegetables. Also the coffee they serve in the buffet is Starbucks brand .It's amazing I've been 3 times in the past week and a half.

  6. Wicked Spoon is very good. Not better than Bacchanal, especially if I have to stuff myself at 8am to eat there. They need to get over it and open for dinner. If you're going to be open, be open

  7. Ruby great reviews, Thanks, when will you try the AYCE sushi in Vegas, same as you we love Sushi and we would like to see you trying some of the many places that they offer “All You Can Eat “ Sushi !! See you on the next video!

  8. Hey Ruby, if you hear that the Sterling Buffet is going to re-open, could you please do a video there? I am hearing that it may be closed for good, which would be a real loss.

  9. Man, I soooo miss playing poker in Vegas – and the buffets! Been trying to get back out to Vegas (from the UK) since June last year – have had to cancel three times now, despite already having had Covid in January, and having had my second vaccine! When will Biden let us back?

  10. You're always fun to listen to Ruby. Girl, you can mow! I'm a big food lover and I'm bummed to learn you can't eat nearly as much the older you get! Buffet isn't even worth it for me and I'm bummed because I love variety. I live in LV last couple of years and I've heard how good this one is.

  11. Another excellent review Ruby! I was there the last time in Vegas and I agree with everything you said. The fried chicken and Mac and cheese a must!! And desserts you nailed it. Cheesecake was my fav too !! Keep the vlogs coming !! You’re the best !

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