Is The STRAT the Best Cheap Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip? 🤔

In this video we stay at The STRAT located on the Las Vegas Strip. We tour a renovated Elevate King room, explore the casino, eat at the Top of the World Restaurant, take in a show, and much more!

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  1. No hate on the hotel itself but my room was nothing like this. In September or last year my room very dirty, crumbs on the desk and in the chairs. Two of the outlets didn’t work and the staff wasn’t the most friendly. And in March of this year similar issue but it was the floors and bathroom, pretty grimy. And I waited over 30mins while playing the slots to get a drink.

  2. Thank you for sharing. We live in MN and have 90% of the time stayed downtown at the Golden Nugget. Been going to LV for over 30 years. Stayed at Paris once. My husband stayed an extra night but I checked out and went to the Nugget. I couldn’t win anything at Paris. I only ate bread and cheese, and crepes. I not big on French food. Stayed at Mirage when it was new. The rooms were nothing special. Didn’t win there either. Stayed at the place across from MGM while it was being built. Not New York, New York not across Las Vegas Blvd. but the side street. Their pool area was also me and had some luck there. My favorite was the Golden Nugget when Steve Wynn owned it back in the day. We’d come out 2-3 x’s a year and I’d win $5 – $10,000 almost every trip. This time thanks to you we are going to try

  3. I’m a relative newbie to your channel Ruby but loving what I’ve seen so far!
    I’m glad I watched this one as I kinda thought that The Strat would be a low end type of place! Not so it would seem and I’d definitely have a look next time I’m in Vegas!
    Great vlog! Cheers!👍😊👏👏👏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇺🇸

  4. Based on your video, this is the impression I have. The rooms seem nice, the elevator (buttons) kinda dirty. The pool kinda meh. The casino and restaurants seem nice. The shows not bad. You are far away from the strip, so you might have to buy something like an $8 deuce day pass per person if you wanna go to the strip. So, IMO it seems like a nice budget hotel.

  5. I used to stay in the Stratosphere alone from Scotland. I loved it you can also get buses up and down the strip and the bus stops are quieter than further down. The only reason I stopped staying here was the sketchy area outside x

  6. I wouldn't personally recommend this hotel unless you plan to stay mostly on the property for a day or two and are just looking for a cheap hotel. It is in no man's land between downtown and the strip and has a lot of homeless people and sketchy characters milling around near the property. The casino is okay but it is pretty full overall.
    Top of the World is one of the best restaurants in Vegas with an amazing view. The type of place you take a girl to propose.

  7. Travel Ruby! I just have to say I LOVE all your videos! I’ve been to LV 3 times- 4th will be in May- and your videos are so helpful! You’ve help me pick hotels, restaurants and things to see. Maybe one of these trips I’ll bump into you and Mr. Ruby ☺️

  8. Umm ok to channel. Am hooked! Perfect amount of food, gambling and fun. So cute, meaning fun and sassy. Also, seem smart. Mr. Ruby be cool too😎. God Bless….whole package in a channel

  9. I am going in 1 week to las Vegas 🥳👍🏼 I almost stayed at the strat but I didn’t like that the rooms don’t have microwave nor fridges. I think most hotels don’t have them. I guess they want people to don’t eat anything on the rooms and spend money on restaurants or their buffets. Still I ended up renting an airbnb instead with the things that i wanted with almost the same price.

  10. My wife and I went to the top of the world for our wedding meal last week. The staff were so nice and the food was great!
    The only downside was my fault, I forgot my glasses so I felt a little motion sickness 🙈🙈

  11. Here I am working from home at 5am and your videos started coming on. I've watched this review a couple times and i've noticed I keep watching them because I always catch something i missed. Also, your voice is quite soothing when I work. lol Keep up the great work.

  12. I never really considered The Strat as an option when planning my trip, but after watching this I think I'm going to have to take a closer look at it. Also the bumper music in this video was slammin lol

  13. I beg to differ with these states regarding The Strat.
    My room did not include a coffee maker.
    It not not include a clock.
    It did not include a frig.
    The lighting in bathroom was poor.
    The floor of the bathtub was slippery.

  14. I went there once back in the early 1980's when it was called Bob Stupak's Vegas World and Stratosphere. Even back then it was cheesy and run-down. Glad to see they completely revamped the property. Everyone is right about NOT wandering around after dark!

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