"Infactuation & Rod Yells at Security" Rod Stewart@Caesars Palace Las Vegas 10/16/21

Infactuation & Rod Yells at Security to Let a Woman into the High Roller Front of Stage Area during Having a Party, Rod Stewart, The Colosseum, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada; October 16th, 2021; Rod Stewart:The Hits Las Vegas Residency Shows



  1. Jim Powers – thank you. I just wanted to thank you so much for the videos of concerts. I have a few of them in my artists folders. But this is the first time I've commented (mostly because I watch on my widescreen TV and do not mirror so I could type comments!) But you do such a fantastic job no matter where you're sitting. And with this Rod Stewart concert I just had to pause and go to my smart phone to thank you. I don't get out much now due to my health but when I was young, well younger, I'm only 57, I have probably seen close to a hundred concerts. And you do such a great job I almost feel like I'm there. Keep it going! Thanks again. And again and again for each of the artists I like that you share. Surprisingly I never saw Rod in concert. So coolio, man. Rock on.

  2. Этот морячок ещё ого-го!
    Девчёнки в подтанцовке и бэкинвокале огонь!
    This sailor is the best!
    Backinvocal ladies are Fire!🤩🤩🤩

  3. First let me say I didn't know he had such a great sense of humor the band didnt show🎶 up come on guys is that funny or what? LOL and secondly wow he's got some moves there overall I would say the performance was just about perfect 🌹☘️🌹

  4. Nuthin but love and respect for Rod Stewart. Seeing him do this for a fan is just a whole new level of FUCKING AWSOME. Guys like that are the artists that deserve the loyalty of their fans. He's still having a great time and making sure his people are gonna leave with a smile!!

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