I Went Back to Find the $250 Piece – Las Vegas Thrifting – Goodwill Thrift With Me

I Went Back to Find the $250 Piece – Las Vegas Thrifting – Goodwill Thrift With Me
Sometimes I find an item while editing that I just have to go back and see if it is still there – I went back to find a $250 piece and a couple other goodies at this Las Vegas Goodwill, come thrifting with me and see what I put in the cart on this thrift with me adventure!

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  1. I just came across you videos yesterday an I was watching all day . I saw the one where you said you have a face book group but I am not good with finding it lol

  2. I used to buy small storage units but Storage Wars ruined it for me. Idiots jumping in and buying units for 10 times what they were worth. One lady bought 6 units for over $500 each. I saw her at another auction and asked how she did. Only made enough to cover the cost of one unit. Everything else was trash that she had to pay to dump. She was much more cautious but dropped out after that.

  3. Danni,,👍🙂 luv your item knowledge, good humor, smiles! && Wonderful heart & luv to rescue all pets!!🐕🐦🦈🐸, U could teach the public, compassion, & kindness 😸👍🙂

  4. I just love all your critters!… I’m the same way… we have 6 birds a chinchilla and a mouse… one of our birds just recently came down with a bird virus and it’s soooo heartbreaking!… he will have to be on medication the rest of his life now!… he has changed and I don’t like it, but he is my baby and if this is what I have to do to keep him around then I’ll do it.

  5. I had a black Pom and I had to give her to a friend, when I moved to Georgia because I was going to be living with a cousin and her family for a while.
    I don't have the Heart to ask my friend if I can get her back now. How much do you want for the statue?

  6. Icarus flew to close to the sun with his wings held together with wax, fell into the sea and drowned , it is a tragic lesson on the hubris of youth and hubris in general. He was the son of master craftsman Daedalus, he and his father were imprisoned on the island of Crete by a king ho was angry with Daedalus for some deeds and misdeeds. Daedalus warned Icarus not to fly too close to the sea lest his wigs get clogged with damp, or too close to the sun lest the wax that held them together would melt.

  7. Looks like you have a most busy place in the morning. I almost want to go to the pet store to buy a little bird. I love the little green one with the peach face.

  8. that was great seeing your critters. They were all beautiful and I can see they are well loved and cared for. I don't think I could pick a favorite they are all my favorites. and those fish were all so colorful I loved seeing them too. thanks for sharing your "other" family members with us.

  9. Wow Dani, that's a houseful of critters! I love the sounds the piggies make! We rescued and raised a baby blue jay for 4 months and just keeping one bird clean and fed was a lot of work, he learned it was more fun outside of his cage, would sit on my head and pull my hair. he flew off one day, never looked back! Do you give the birds the raw ends of asparagus? I would slip one between the cage bars, he loved it, pretty expensive taste for a foundling bird!

  10. Hey, was a blast treasure hunting with you. Interesting finds! Enjoyed your story insight about storage lockers. Looking through the art is fun. Your children are awesome. I so enjoyed watching your morning routine with your precious fur babies and feather babies. All so neat. They are blessed to be with you and family. Spoiled is the only way!

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