I Experienced Lake Mead outside Las Vegas for the First Time

In this video I share my experience boating and relaxing on some amazing beaches on Lake Mead, just outside of Las Vegas!

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  1. When I was a teenager, you just drove to the lake and hung out. You didn't pay a dime to go to the lake and the year I got married the water was so high it was spilling over the spillway at the damn. The best time ever was weekends on a rented house boat on Lake Mead.

  2. I know this was posted 2 weeks ago. But update with Lake Mead that made national news…two bodies in barrels found at Lake Mead from low water levels. Most likely from Vegas Mob days from 70s 😬. More bodies expected to be found as water levels get lower…

  3. we dont go to lake mead because everytime you go your skin flairs up from the disgusting water and if you dont have a boat to get to some of the nice spots the beachs have nothing but broken glass and trash on them cause the city doesnt pay to keep it clean. so we locals that are born and raised here like myself take the extra drive to the colarado river.

  4. I’m surprised you didn’t comment on the water levels. The white rocks shows the levels where they were and are. I mean years ago where you were standing was under water. I think that’s significant enough to mention.

  5. bro when it’s summer it gets super packed. also next time you go you should try looking at the hoover dam from the water, in my opinion it’s a very surreal feeling

  6. Thanks for highlighting Lake Meade – I love it there. Also, thanks for hanging out with Sin City Family and the crew last night on 4/25 at Bellagio. Very cool to see you all together.

  7. Now you have to hit up Red Rock, Calico Basin, Lee Canyon… And if you're really feeling adventurous, Fly Geyser. That place is fucking incredible and NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT IT.

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