Homicide outside Las Vegas Motor Speedway

The body of a homicide victim was found just outside the gates of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Friday.



  1. The enormous price and never-ending effect of the Bracero Program. That it has spawned and institutionalized criminal networks and a one-way illegal alien highway and grab fest that has decimated the wages and lives of American citizens. This faux exceptionalism has transformed into irredentism, continues and became the foundation for today's gargantuan numbers of illegal aliens that have walked into the U.S.. Thanks to Catholic Charities, they are now ferried on airliners in the middle of the night to various cities for their staycations as long as they can give birth to claim their children as American. This is the price we are pay for not enforcing our immigration laws, and allowing the Southwest to become the world's largest reckless sanctuary and playground for millions of illegals. A retrogressive culture with a giant middle finger to our laws, language, culture, flag, citizenship and sovereignty. Each day we ignore this historic deluge, the price increases. Several segments of Vegas could even now be considered Mexican cities. That law enforcement, fire, and emergency services is become majority Latino doesn't take a genius to realize the numbers of that are pouring into the state. Latino political infiltrators born to illegal alien parents are constantly pushing to force Mexico, it's culture, language and endless stream of kinsmen down our throats with the risible parroting that they are hard workers, want a better life, come here to feed their families, are essential, which to them usurps the safety of all of us and our families…

  2. Anyone ever see a sign around Las Vegas saying "Dean Body Drop Off"? What's the DA going to do about this….NOTHING That's What! He is so getting voted out in Nov.!

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