Film Study: Adding Davante Adams COMPLETELY changes the Las Vegas Raiders

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  1. With weapons like Adams,Renfrow and Waller everyone has forgotten that we still have Kenyon Drake who could be a major contributor and a mismatch nightmare which is why I believe we haven't cut him.

  2. Giving up the first rounder is fine, because if you were going to draft a receiver anyway…well, the hope is that they would be as good as Adams is right now.

  3. Big Nasty Trent Brown will be coming back, & we'll draft a few projects for the O-line.
    The Raiders are right in the running for the team to beat in the suddenly VERY interesting AFC West.

  4. As a long time Kansas City fan, the Raiders are going to be tougher in the upcoming season with Adams. The Chiefs hasn't really beefed up the rush in free agency so the QBs in the AFC West (Carr, Wilson, Herbert – what a trio to play 6 times every year!) are going to have the time to throw the ball up and down the field and probably put up more points.

    I think the Chiefs still win the AFC West in 2022-23 but they won't be the #1 seed in the AFC.

  5. The addition of Adams combined with McDaniels not Gruden/Olsen calling plays, offense should be on the up and up. Still hope they address some OL issues. Gotta make that unit strong again.

  6. Cover 1 was used because they didn’t have that big WR threat and the offense struggled in 2021. Jones and Edwards are good but they got counted on a lot after the Ruggs release. Hopefully a new RT and Adams helps out

  7. The only good first round pick Gruden made since he got hired was Kolton Miller. It would have been much better to trade all of those picks for value players. I no longer care about the Raiders drafting in the 1st round.

  8. So many of these trades the team is getting the player just at the end of their prime. If they’re lucky, he’ll be almost as good as he has been for the next couple of years, but more likely, based in precedent (e.g. Julio Jones, JJ Watt, and there are many others) at this stage of their career they’re going to have nagging injuries to where they play 2/3 the games, if lucky, and at a reduced level. There are exceptions of course, AB had some nagging injuries but overall was well worth it even at his age, but if you studied how skilled position players do after they were traded at the age of 29 or later I bet more than 50% of the time they end up not being nearly as valuable as they were years previous. Of course no one can know the future, but my over/under is In the next two seasons Devante has one season’s worth of his previous prime production.

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